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Get $10 of bitcoin for free! NO KYC needed.

Guyssssss! I just found a legit way to get free bitcoin! NO KYC NEEDED! I have been looking for a way like this for like 1 year+! I haven't actually found a way to get Bitcoin this easy. Like this increased my crypto portfolio manyfold. This is like the happiest day of my life. I got the first Bitcoin I have ever had. the sad thing is that if I had found this yesterday, I probably would have $15 of BTC. Also, now I have $9.84 (because of market volatility.) Oh well. At least I have something. 

Where I found it from:

I was scrolling through Reddit (because I like memes, okay?) When I saw that someone had a 15 dollar cashback thing off of Poshmark, so I went on Poshmark. But the only thing I could find was stuff that was more than $20. So I said nah to that. But I saw that it was posted on r/promocodes, so I thought to myself, hey, there's got to be some good promo codes on this subreddit. So I clicked r/promocodes, and saw that 2 people both had the same thing, Get $10 free from MOGO! On the first one I saw, I was like you probably have to do KYC (which I don't like doing.) But then the next one said no KYC and I'm like why not check it out. Oh yeah, the reason I was on Reddit was because I was supposed to go on rollercoin, but I put in r in the text box, and it said Reddit, so I was like sure, for a few memes. In and out 5-minute adventure. But then 20 minutes later I'm still on Reddit. Bruh. Anyways, this thing gives you free bitcoin!!! Refer a friend and you and you friend both get $10 of bitcoin. PLease sign up using my link. Its my birthday on the 20th of may, and I would like it if you were nice and liked/tipped/comment/followed/signed up using that link. 

NO joke, It is my birthday on May 20. Your welcome, if you are google, I just gave you my information. 

Btw sorry if the picture thumbnail is ethereum, you get bitcoin. 

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