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Day 9 of self isolation-How my day went. 2021/05/05

As you may or may not know, I am in self-isolation because a person in my class tested positive for the Rona (coronavirus/covid-19.) Anyway, below, I summarize how my day went. 

Morning/Waking up time: I woke up at 7:30 (I don't know why, but I always wake up early on Wednesdays,) but, like all days I wake up early, I can't drag my lazy a** out of bed. I got out of bed at 8:00 (exactly 40 minutes before online school started.) I know it might seem weird how I keep track of the time I wake up at and all, but I sometimes just remember it. I ate an omelette with orange juice (I MuSt LoVe OrAnGe JuIcE!) I almost finished the entire book I have read like 5 times, The Martian. I then started online school.

Online School: I turned on my computer and started online school. We started off with science, where we studied for our test that we are having when we come back to school (which is May the 25th.) We then had English, where I did nothing because I had already finished everything. We then had math where we did fractions again. We then had option sampler where we did nothing. Band was next, in which I play the trombone. We played a few pieces of music. We then had gym, in which I do my daily workout routine. To finish the day, we had social in which we had a source analysis. We will have our chapter 7 test on Tuesday. 

Evening: I checked the mail. I got a free sample of a Tim-Hortons granola bar. Watching TV, getting memes from Reddit, answering a few questions on Quora, looking for and ordering free samples, biking, playing basketball, and playing games on rollercoin were most of the things that I did during my evening. I also ate dinner (obviously.) 

Thank you for seeing my "journal!" I will a new one every day that I am quarantined. I am quarantined until May the 6th. Only ten days. It makes me happy to tell people what I am doing throughout my day.  

BTW I don't have covid yet. I have no symptoms either. 

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