Day 6 of self isolation. How my day went. 2021/05/02

As you may or may not know, I am in self-isolation because a person in my class tested positive for the Rona (coronavirus/covid-19.) Anyway, below, I summarize how my day went. 

Morning: I forgot what time I woke up because who tf keeps track of those kinds of s***** things (I used to, at like the 5 days before this when I was telling you about this. I also forgot what I had for breakfast today. Maybe I am a forgetful person. Maybe I have Alzheimer's and I forgot that I have it. Maybe, just maybe. We had a garage sale again. There weren't as many people today as yesterday. We earned $23 today. A few of my stuff got sold, including my firetruck, a Tonka truck, and a car carrier truck. 

Afternoon: I was scrolling through Reddit, and I found a comment where people had a few letters capitalized. I asked them how they did it, and they said they put these signs: *. I tried for a few posts, but it didn't work. So I asked them if they were on mobile or something. They said they weren't, and they said click ctrl+i. It worked. Here's proof: testing testing 123 123.

Evening: I got my money from the garage sale and built a new Lego safe. This time it wasn't real Lego. It is very tall. I have like almost $100 in coins in there. When I was all done with making the Lego safe thing tower thing, I watched TV, got my daily dose of memes from Reddit, answered and asked a few questions on Quora (I also scrolled through it because I was bored), looked for and ordered free samples so I could get something useful to use in my house, playing with a scooter around my driveway, playing basketball on my outdoor hoop, and playing games on rollercoin.

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