Day 5 of self isolation. How my day went. 2021/05/01

As you may or may not know, I am in self-isolation because a person in my class tested positive for the Rona (coronavirus/covid-19.) Anyway, below, I summarize how my day went. 

Morning: I woke up at 7:30. My family had a garage sale, but unfortunately, I am self-isolating so I couldn't attend. I ate pancakes. Those were fantastic. I had 2, with chopped bananas on top. I had orange juice again (jeez, I must love orange juice!) I had the NO name brand again, which tastes like they mixed water with a lot of orange flavouring. I once did that, (mixed water and orange flavouring [from an MRE kit (I got it while on camp once in Air cadets)] 

Noon/ Afternoon: For lunch, my dad got us Starbucks (it might seem weird to get lunch from Starbucks, but they have paninis, which taste AMAZING. I had a chicken bacon panini. I also had a third of a wrap from Subway. That was also very good.) The garage sale was still underway. I got to see people coming and going and buying items. I got $145 from the sale when it finished.

Evening: I got mostly coins from the garage sale, so I had to make my LEGO safe bigger. At first, I thought it would hold all the money, but it couldn't. Then I added a few layers of Lego bricks on top. But all the coins didn't fit. So I broke that safe and built a whole new one from scratch. When I was all done with that, I watched TV, got my daily dose of memes from Reddit, answered and asked a few questions on Quora (I also scrolled through it because I was bored), looked for and ordered free samples so I could get something useful to use in my house, playing with a scooter around my driveway, playing basketball on my outdoor hoop, and playing games on rollercoin.

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