Day 4 of self isolation. How my day went. 2021/04/30

As you may or may not know, I am in self-isolation because a person in my class tested positive for the Rona (coronavirus/covid-19.) Anyway, below, I summarize how my day went. 

Morning/Waking up time: I woke up at 8:05 because my alarm didn't ring for some very strange reason. My dad yelled at me to get out of bed. Anyway, I again had to eat scrambled eggs with orange juice. No name orange juice doesn't taste like the other brands of orange juice. It tastes like they mixed water with a whole lot of orange flavouring. I finished the brilliant book, The Martain. He gets rescued at the end. Online school (aka boring school) was underway. 

Online school: Not much happened. It was the same schedule as yesterday. English first, where we had a test on the short story, The Umbrella Man. I didn't do very well; I got 9/15. The wind blew very strong today, a lot of my papers flew. Option sampler was next, where we saw a video about global citizenship. Math has also quite boring; we converted improper fractions to mixed fractions, and vice versa. Gym followed math, where I again did my workout. In social, we took notes about the great migration. In science, we took notes about simple machines. Our teacher did not let me in for health, so I missed out on whatever happened during those 38 minutes. To finish off the day, we had English again. We had to write a paragraph about one of three topics; banana splits, rain, or umbrellas. I chose banana splits because they probably would be the easiest to write about. Here it is:

"Brrrrring! I entered my favourite ice cream shop, and the smell of fresh ice cream hit me as I walked through the doors. The sound of ice cream being made was drumming my eardrums while I was ordering. (This is also personification.) I ordered my usual, a banana split. Perfect, like always. A ripe, yellow banana, with creamy white ice cream, topped with multi-coloured sprinkles, brown, dark chocolate drizzle, and dark red cherries. (This is also imagery.) It looked just like a professional chef like Gordon Ramsey hand-crafted it. As I spooned it into my mouth, I noticed something unusual about my banana split. It tasted a thousand times better than all the other ice creams I’ve had combined. My taste buds felt like they were in paradise! (this is also personification.)"

That was it of online school. 

Afterschool: It wasn't very interesting after school. I watched TV, got my daily dose of memes from Reddit, answered and asked a few questions on Quora (I also scrolled through it because I was bored), looked for and ordered free samples so I could get something useful to use in my house, playing with a scooter around my driveway, playing basketball on my outdoor hoop, and playing games on rollercoin. I got 1 free ruble by having a banner of ads on the side of my browser. I also have $0.11 USD by having more ads at the bottom of my browser. I want to invest in VTB Bank by using 0.05 ruble (per share) (using all my ruble,) but I don't know how to invest my ruble into stocks. Here are the links to get free money: and Thanks

Thank you for seeing my "journal!" I will make a new one every day that I am quarantined. I am quarantined until May the 6th. Only ten days. It makes me happy to tell people what I am doing throughout my day.  

BTW I don't have covid yet. I have no symptoms either. 

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