Day 10 of self isolation-How my day went. 2021/05/06 LAST DAY OF ISOLATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you may or may not know, I am in self-isolation because a person in my class tested positive for the Rona (coronavirus/covid-19.) Anyway, below, I summarize how my day went. 

Morning/Waking up time: I woke up at 8:10. I could barely hear my alarm and turn it off. I sadly don't have a snooze button on my alarm clock, so my dad had to yell at me to get out of bed. I (again) forgot what I had for breakfast. Maybe I actually do have Alzheimer's. I don't even know if they have diagnosed me with Alzheimer's yet. I again finished the entire book I have read like 5 times, The Martian. I then started online school.

ONLINE SCHOOL: IN English, I was already done with everything, but my English teacher found mistakes in my anecdote. Typical English teachers. Jeez. In option sampler, we just talked about random stuff like how I am getting free stuff from amazon, and if we are doing okay, and happy last day of isolation. In case you didn't know, this is my last day of FREAKING ISOLATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, back to schoolwork. We had math where like for the past 500 weeks (okay, I might be exaggerating, despite that, it feels like forever.) In gym, I did my daily workout routine. In social I had nothing to do because I was already done everything. In science and health, we had the same teacher and in both; I was done with the material assigned. At the end of the day, we had English again, and I was done with everything, so I recorded my second video for my YouTube channel (I haven't uploaded it yet.) Please subscribe to my channel: Thanks.

Watching TV, getting memes from Reddit, answering a few questions on Quora, looking for and ordering free samples, biking, playing basketball, and playing games on rollercoin were most of the things that I did during my evening. I also ate dinner (obviously.) I am finally done with self-isolation!!!!!!!!!! This is the last post of this series I will post. I am kinda sad that I can't tell people what I'm doing (and can't get some extra income on the side,) but also I am happy because I am finally done over with this. 

BTW I don't have covid yet. I have no symptoms either. 

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