Tron Global Investor Based Idle Game With Dividends

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Investing has always been one of the main uses of cryptocurrency and the new DAPP Tron Global takes this to the next level. Using Tron Global you can take TRX and buy Gold, the in-game Tron Global currency, and then invest in the biggest companies in the world such as Samsung, Apple, and Microsoft to make more Gold which can be converted back to TRX. Not only is Tron Global a way to invest in stock but a way to earn dividends as well. It doesn’t stop there because, another way to earn using this DAPP are things such as daily challenges that earn you more Gold or one-time tasks to gain even more Gold.

Investing in companies is very simple as you simply convert TRX into Gold to invest in companies. Depending on how much gold you invest and how many companies you invest into you can potentially earn 110% of your investment a month. These profits can be reinvested or withdrawn every hour so the return could be even higher.

The investing, while being a large part of Tron Global, is far from all it offers. You can earn dividends simply by having Gold in your treasury. These dividends come from players investing in a new company. When a player invests in a new company 15% of the Gold used will be shared among all users depending on their current treasury & spare balance. 

This DAPP also brings a brand new feature to the crypto universe, similar in the way the wildly popular video game Fortnite has a battle pass, you can do daily challenges tasks and other such things to earn more Gold to invest. The tasks are simple such as “spend X amount of TRX and receive X amount of Gold” or “Hold stock in X amount of companies for X amount of Gold”. This brings a new dimension to earning as users can earn in a new way that comes through using the DAPP

Tron Global has a website out to answer FAQ’s and just a general hub of information regarding the future of the DAPP check it out here at . Tron Global officially released on August 2nd just check their website and learn how to get starteds

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