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By Infotips | Cryptocurrency Ish | 13 Jan 2020

One Monday, the 21st of October 2019, I sat at the balcony of my home early in the morning (precisely 7:00 am) reflecting on so many things. I had rivers of thoughts flowing through my mind. I know some of you will be guessing it was money-related thoughts. Well, money was part of it. *Smiles*. You know, we live to spend money. Whether small or big, money has to be spent.

However, the thoughts was short-lived as a call came in to my cellphone. The caller told me that a very good friend of mine had just undergone surgical operation in the hospital and need financial assistance. I rushed down to the hospital and confirmed it was true and the doctor told me that my friend’s appendix ruptured and so a surgical operation was immediately carried out quickly so as to stabilize him. The surgery had been done and the thing on ground now is the payment of the medical bills.

My friend in question had lost his job 3 months ago, and has been finding it hard to get another. He lost his parents in a car crash when he was at the young age of 11 and as the first son, he became the breadwinner of the family and so has so many responsibilities on his shoulders. I just felt I had to do everything in my power to assist him with the medical bills, but I am facing some financial struggles as well. The hospital management had asserted that my friend won’t be discharged unless the bills is settled. I looked at my G-shock digital wrist watch, the time was 10.00 am and so I told him (the doctor) that I will be back in a short time with the money even though I had no idea on how to get it at the time of making the statement.

A solution came finally!
I was about leaving the hospital when I heard the word BCH from one of the male parties in a conversation. He was telling the other party about the course he studied in the university. BCH is short form for ‘Biochemistry’ in that university. Immediately he said the abbreviation BCH, my mind went to ‘Bitcoin cash’ which is also abbreviated as BCH. I remembered I had purchased some Bitcoin cash, earned it from writing articles and selling eBooks some time ago but for God-knows-what reason(s), I had left it sitting idle in my BCH wallet. Perhaps, it was a patient wait for a possible exponential price increase.

I quickly got home and login to my wallet account and realized that I had a good amount of Bitcoin cash sitting idle in my wallet that will settle the medical bill and also meet my personal financial needs. I was happy and so I offered to sell some of the BCH. The price of BCH then was $225.28 and so I had over $300 worth of BCH in my wallet. The transaction went smoothly and the medical bills were paid. My friend was so grateful to me for my generosity since then till date. I was so happy for putting smiles on his face and I encouraged him to invest in cryptocurrency and he obliged. He ended his job hunt and focused on cryptocurrency trading and has never looked back since then.

After the whole encounter, I endeavored to take good note (i.e. write them all down every step of the way) of all my online businesses since the reason why I didn’t know I had some funds in my BCH wallet was because I didn’t keep detailed notes of it. Though I possess various cryptos, that hospital encounter grew my love for Bitcoin Cash more than the other Cryptocurrencies out there and for me, trading it, earning it from writing articles and accepting it as a form of payment is a must. *winks*


A crypto/internet internet business enthusiast. A geophysicist. A songwriter. I am down to earth and I believe that everyone should be given a chance to express their talent/gift.

Cryptocurrency Ish
Cryptocurrency Ish

Cryptocurrency is the rave of the moment as far as finance, commerce and business is concerned. Everyone needs a good knowledge of the updates of the behavior of cryptos. Such knowledge is well illustrated on this blog.

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