2020: Looking at Bitcoin Cash Through the Eyes of an Eagle
Year 2020
2020: Looking at Bitcoin Cash Through the Eyes of an Eagle

By Infotips | Cryptocurrency Ish | 25 Jan 2020

Bitcoin cash just like any other cryptocurrency experiences what I call price volatility. While this is indeed normal, however, some Cryptocurrencies after facing all-time lows, find it hard to go back up in price. But Bitcoin cash and other notable cryptos experiences a bull run after of course a bearish market.
Prior to the inception of Bitcoin cash, I have always admired Bitcoin. This love can be tailored to the fact that I got my first Bitcoin from my uncle. He gave me 0.5 Bitcoin i.e. 50 million Satoshi way back on May 23, 2013 as a birthday gift. One Bitcoin then was at $131, so practically I was $65 rich. At first, I was confused because I had very little knowledge about cryptocurrency at that time. He sat me down and told me about the futuristic potential of Bitcoin and advised me to save it. I took his word for it because he is someone I looked up to always, a man of great wisdom and intellect. So I saved the Bitcoin in my wallet and anticipated a great increase on the coin.


The Interest for Bitcoin Cash was Born (Baby Bitcoin Cash)
Fast forward to 2017, i.e. 4 years later, that Bitcoin in my wallet was now worth $2191.17 on May 25 2017, exactly 4 years since I received Bitcoin from my uncle. This grew my love for my uncle. Guess what? My interest in everything cryptocurrency quadrupled. I browsed the internet relentlessly to search for other cryptos with a good potential both now and in subsequent years. Bitcoin cash just happen to catch my interest naturally. The reason for my interest in bitcoin cash wasn’t far-fetched perhaps owing to the fact that bitcoin cash was created from bitcoin (which was first cherished cryptocurrency). Below are the few ways I employ in earning bitcoin cash. 2, 3 & 4 are my favorites.

Bitcoin cash faucets
Here, you will have to register on faucet website. Afterwards, you’ll be given small amounts of Bitcoin cash to the faucet wallet every 5 or 10 minutes depending on the faucet team. You have to reach the minimum payout threshold before you can withdraw your hard earned Bitcoin cash into your desired wallet. Often times, the threshold is hard to reach. I wouldn’t advised you use faucets because it only waste your time and you end up earning peanut for the large time you spent with the faucets. I tried some of the faucet sites but rather abandoned all of them totally.
Bitcoin Cash as a Means of Payment
I like the fact that Bitcoin cash is been accepted for payment of goods and services in shopping malls, supermarkets, gas stations etc. in some countries and that puts it (bitcoin cash at a greater advantage of price increase).
In one of her post here on read.cash, sofiaCBCH showed us all how bitcoin cash has been accepted wholeheartedly as a means of payment in her home country Venezuela. It was a nice article that I loved to read times over. As a writer, I have already started accepting bitcoin cash payments for my eBooks and trust me, it has been wonderful. You can do same! It does not necessarily have to be eBooks, it can be other items.

Trading Bitcoin Cash
Trading is one of the ways I earn bitcoin cash. It is a simple rule. You purchase the coin when the price is low, and sell when the price goes high. The difficulty that stares sternly at people is the technicality involved with trading activities (e.g understanding candle sticks) on trading sites such as binance. Through trading, I have been able to see with an eagle’s vision the positive future of Bitcoin cash even in the midst of some threats from government policies all around the world, threats from assertions by world billionaires on the imminent danger of the cryptocurrency market, warnings given to the world public by financial institutions on the risk of trading/investing in cryptocurrency. Well, one thing that has kept my drive in the cryptocurrency journey in general is my belief that we take risk each day in all our endeavors and life in itself is a colossal risk. So I indulge in calculated risks by investing wisely and stay clear of greed. It somewhat aligns with my personality coupled with my uncle’s consistent trading advice.
Earning bitcoin cash by writing articles
This I love to do too. So far, from my search, read.cash remains the best and only way to earn bitcoin cash by writing articles. This isn’t difficult for me to do since I am a writer already. Consistent submission of rich articles is the key to succeed on the read.cash platform.

I am deeply interested in Bitcoin cash and I know it’s same for majority. The benefits are quite encouraging. I want to point out that earning Bitcoin cash is interesting, however, like I always say it isn’t an easy task. You have to put in the work, whether you are trading it, earning it from writing articles, from faucets, from bounties etc.
Bitcoin cash has got some wonderful advantages over bitcoin, though it is a forked version of bitcoin. BCH is cheaper and faster to use due to the fact that a Bitcoin Cash block (in the blockchain) is eight times bigger than a Bitcoin block. BCH’s Low transaction fees pose a great feature especially for people that transact frequently.
The awareness about the coin is growing exponentially putting the trading activities at a reasonable volume. 2020 started on a good note for Bitcoin cash as we all noticed. As at January 14 2020, the price was at $287.58. The following day, January 15 2020, it rose to $339.09. As at the time of concluding this article, the price is at $319.02 and according to my personal analysis, the price won’t go below $302 for a minimum 3-month run or beyond. Though there will probably be some inevitable occurrences (such as miners tax) with bitcoin cash, we can only anticipate a bull market. Whatever be the case, we still grind. Let’s all contribute to the growth of the bitcoin cash ecosystem.


A crypto/internet internet business enthusiast. A geophysicist. A songwriter. I am down to earth and I believe that everyone should be given a chance to express their talent/gift.

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