Why Free image sourcing is crucial

The situation we are battling these days is free image sourcing. I have noticed this thing many times; the images you are using are either from Facebook, Whatsapp; google; Pinterest, and Instagram. 
Let me clear you one important thing these are not free image sources and Uptrennd doesn't permit you to use images that are other than free image sources(except if it's your click it's just fine)I have pointed out many of new and old users as well for rendering such mistakes, not just me we all responsible uptrenndians have brought up our voice regarding this issue. 
So in today's post, I am explaining the whole technique with reasonable demonstration; it comprises;
    • What are free image sources?
    • How to download free images?
    • How to use them appropriately?
    • How the link can be pasted??
    • And additional points on how to add multiple images in a single post.
    • Let's get began;
    • Here are the free image sources; click them to check the variety of images they have;

1. Pixabay.com
2. Unsplash.com
3. Pexels.com
4. Picography.com
5. Burst.com 
6. Stocksnap.com
7. Skitterphoto.com
8. Kaboompics.com
Also, check this post by Safari Sir for further guidance;
Coco Images
I took these sites from this post of Safari Sir
preview not available
Open any of them; I mostly prefer pixabay;

preview not available

preview not available
Search the required image;
  • preview not available
preview not available
Select your favorite image; 
preview not available
preview not available
Click the option free download; no I stock and shutter stock images only free images are required;
no need to sign in;
preview not available
preview not available
The picture would be downloaded; copy the link; you need to paste it here; write the name of the image source in this box;
If it's a header image, it wouldn't need any effort simply to upload the picture.
But in case if you are adding it between the post; or in case of multiple images in a single post; use this procedure;
Image b
preview not available
preview not available
Upload the image and click on the Full HTML link;
Paste it in your post by clicking here<>;
preview not available
preview not available
Next step ; 
Now you have to copy the link to the image sources where you have downloaded it.
preview not available
preview not available
We are almost there ; 
preview not available
Oops spelling mistake: forgive me for this🤭
preview not available
Now again click it!
preview not available
Tada🎊 did it👍😁✔
So I have shown you all the procedures with an example.
I guess it's a comprehensive but exact procedure.
I am hopeful that you will act upon it and will save yourself from the deduction of points.

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