We know what the Institutions are saying, but what are they doing?

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Many of us hear that institutions are buying tons of BTC, XRP and other top 20 cryptocurrencies.  The thing is how much truth really is there to that, when we cannot even see the market moving in any direction other than on a downtrend. Right now, many do not know this but there is the OTC or the over the counter exchanges that exist. These exchanges like OTC trading desks do the trades off the market hense over the counter. This means that it functions in the same way the black market functions as when you sell these items it is essentially off the books so to speak.

Why does all this matter? Have any of you seen this VIDEOwith Tekka Tiwari. Here he explains what I love to say as listening with your eyes. He goes on to show how Wall Street legally manipulates the market, they throw out in the media and go into the lime light and bash the said stocks, or bitcoin. The result is that of them falling drastically as many panic sell the asset. While everyone is selling off tons of their assets when it gets close to the bottom, similar to where cryptocurrency is currently they buy it in droves. He explains how this is exactly what happened in the tech stocks of the dot com bubble and this is what is happening again with the crypto market.

You are probably thinking huh how does this all work. Well listen with your eyes is a saying I have for 2 reasons:

  1. You do not listen to the words out of peoples mouths – as Dr. House said on the show House “everybody lies”
  2. You watch what they actually do. – As police say follow the $$

When you do not listen to what people say, but you watch what they do it goes to the age old adage that “actions speak louder then words”. What they say is bitcoin is a scam, what they do the weekend after they buy bitcoin. If you listen to what they say you sell, if you watch what they do you would have bought the dip on this occasion. The point here is do not just trust what you see on TV. Look to find the truth based on actions and you will be making extremely smart investment decisions in this and any other space. Follow the money and look to see where money is flowing.


Joel Kovshoff

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Joel Kovshoff
Joel Kovshoff

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Cryptocurrency Education / Block Traders

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