My Crazy Crypto Story: 4 Months of Slander, Defamation, Modified Documents and Harassment
My Crazy Crypto Story: 4 Months of Slander, Defamation, Modified Documents and Harassment

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As someone who works in the crypto industry, I do ask all of you to share this. Michael Andrew Watkins from the UK originally from Australia has been harassing, slandering and bullying me behind a keyboard. Not only that this man went so far as to doctor an NDA saying I signed it and bashed me online saying I admitted to crimes of theft and scams. Not only that this man went on to create a modified SEC email to post all over social media about me. All I have ever done in this industry was to help educate others about this space and this man is trying to ruin my name. Not only that anyone who has been in contact with me has experienced this same act of bullying and slander. He even posted on one of my friends non-profit facebook page that she was a bigot and racist, just for not choosing his side and agreeing. He runs a group on Facebook and Telegram called the holistic trader and I think he has some sort of mental illness as nobody can be so angry for such a small reason. I truly feel sorry for him and wish him the best, but I needed to also share the truth as even friends of mine started doubting me. 


Please stay away from him! If you want to see the UGLY in the Crypto scene or elsewhere have a watch share, like and comment on this video.


It would really help me if people could show this to as many as possible so they do not end up another victim of this man and all his cruelty, lies, deception and slander. 


That being said how about that Bitcoin! $8000 and counting!! I wonder if we hit 10K in a week!!? 


Thanks for checking out my story, unfortunately, this is the bad side of people in the industry. 


I appreciate all your love, support!!

Joel Kovshoff (Coach K)


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