ISIS Receives Donations as Monero (XMR)!

It has been learned that a website known to be associated with ISIS (ISIS), Rradical religious organization, accepts Monero (XMR) as a donation.


Since Monero (XMR) is confidentially focused and not traceable, yes, it is a very good coin, but this feature makes it an ore for the black economy. Terrorist organizations, a branch of the black economy, also became aware of Monero.


Radical organization, or known and used abbreviation ISIS, started collecting donations in Monero (XMR). A website known to support ISIS and jihadist views spoke to its readers about the cryptocurrency Monero (XMR). A video about what Monero is and how to get it has been published on the site.


The site, which is known to have collected Bitcoin since December 2017, is thought to have switched to Monero due to its inaccessibility feature. In addition, site officials who collect the Bitcoin donations they collected in a single wallet are known to have $ 2,700 worth of Bitcoin.


The site does not only collect donations, but in the current state of the Middle East, it shares the “achievements” of ISIS with its readers and makes propaganda.


Not Monero's First Black Economy Event! Monero's name has been mentioned in scandals over the past few months. Sex slave scandal was perhaps one of the most dirty events in exchange for Monero, especially in South Korea. The groups established on the social messaging platform Telegram called Nth Room were made with Monero. In the group where pornographic contents were shared, it was possible to obtain sex slaves in return for Monero.


After the Nth Room scandal, the South Korean branches of the major crypto exchanges began to delist Monero one by one. Exchanges such as Huobi and Bithumb also participated in the delist fury.


Their scandals were not limited to South Korea. They caused a teenager's hand to burn in America. The young man, the victim of cryptojacking, had burned his hand because he touched his overheated computer informally. In the mentioned Cryptojacking incident, it was determined that the aims of the criminals were Monero.


Another scandal from America came with the ransomware of many celebrities and politicians until the President of the United States reached Donald Trump. Cyber ​​criminals told Trump that the election was approaching and that they found their dirty laundry, if he wanted to be president again, to send the $ 42 million Monero (XMR) to their account.

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