Interesting Facts that you should know about cryptocurrency

By Rubendebrito | Cryptocurrency 101 | 13 Dec 2019

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Top 10 Exchanges generates about 62 Million Usd every month. Top 50 – $26M Top 100 – $13M The normal 24-hour volumes are the Top 10: $400M Top 50: $170M Top 100: $86M     There are 255 exchanges registered on CoinMarketCap. Coinmarketcap collect all the data from all exchanges then get the average amount of trading win/loss and post it on their web.   Binance recently was hacked for 42 Million dollars. The Binance CEO said all stolen funds are covered by Binance, no one lost any money besides Binance. 42 Million in one month that's a huge hit. According to Binance it took weeks to figure out the amount of damage cause by the hackers.  Till today Binance still the biggest exchange in the world    Bittrex is a well respected Cryptocurrency exchange, However the customer support is zero to none. If you ever tried to contact support, first they will respond through bots, and you have to navigate your way to a real person.  it can be quite stressful specially if you in a hurry. By the way I have tried to contact them a couple times but I never got to a real person support.     Top 5 coinmarketCap exchanges 30-Day volume  OKEX ($35 921 003 100) Binance ($34 161 861 398) DigiFinex ($33 935 010 227) HitBTC ($27 000 379 162) Huobi Global ($25 288 796 654)     The first Bitcoin trade happened on   Ripple was once worth just a lil bit over 2.50 Usd, now ripple is trading on top exchanges for .22 cents that's over 10x less than what it was just a year ago. Ripple is one of the fastest Cryptocurrency that exist, it's most used by banks to transfer money.         

Cryptocurrency 101
Cryptocurrency 101

Everything you need to know about cryptocurrency

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