How does the world of government take our money?

How does the world of government take our money
It has always been known that, where there is money, politicians will do anything to take some of it from us. We have always paid taxes, we have always supported these idiots in every country. And in recent years, they've gotten into cryptocurrencies. In my country, Poland - they wanted to tax even every transaction πŸ™ƒ think idiots - but that's what they wanted to do. I'm not going to explain that this is nonsensical - every person knows about it, at least a little knowledgeable about crypto.

After all, they set a 19% tax on income. They themselves are exempt from income tax. But they take from ordinary people as much as they can.
So, in conclusion, I love crypto, hit the poiticians, the thieves. Now they are beating the business on the virus.
Sorry for mistakes this is my first postπŸ™ƒπŸ˜Ž


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Cryptocurrencies, the world, politics.
Cryptocurrencies, the world, politics.

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