Earn incredible returns - Binance Liquid Swap

Earn incredible returns - Binance Liquid Swap

HI everyone!

I want to share this option that I met just yesterday, but it seems very good and with few risks in my way of understanding. The way in which cryptocurrencies are earned in Liquid Swap is through flexible interest (only for enabled cryptocurrencies), for example those that I use in this case GBP / USDT and on the other hand through commissions every time performs a purchase or sale transaction within the pool.

As I´m just starting with this option, I still cannot say what the real returns are, but after a few weeks I will cement them here. A priori I see that the commission charged to me to enter the pool is a little more than 1%, I have to see when I recover that percentage and then I really start to make a profit.

What if you can tell them and I will show you with screenshots. Is that the interest of Binance Liquid Swap to be much greater than that generated by the Nexo platform.




As you can see, in Nexo I have DAI 841.90 and USDT 101.50, the interests that I show are from 6 days ago because now a few days ago I requested to obtain the interests in the Nexo token, since that way it pays me an additional 2% (it is a new option that have Nexo), below I make the comparison of interests between Nexo and Binance Liquid Swap.




For DAI 841.90 I was given a daily interest of DAI 0.22 for USDT 101.50 an interest of USDT 0.026. 




If I compare it with the interests that I have in just over 12 hours in Binance Liquid Swap, it can be seen that the interest earned is much higher. With only USDT 198.20 it has given me USDT 0.13, that is, almost 3 times what Nexo gives me.

Anyway, as I told you above, I haven't been using this option for a day yet, so I can't really say what the earnings are. But without a doubt, if over the weeks I see that the performance is maintained, I will migrate more money to this option.

The APY (Annual Percentage Yield) is renewed every 7 days. In the case of the GBP / USDT pair today it is above 50% and in the EUR / BUSD pair above 70%.

In the event that they don´t have accounts in Nexo and Binance and want to create one for this type of operation or another. I leave you a referral link, in Binance they have a 10% discount for the operations they carry out.

Greetings to all! And I'll be writing to you in a few weeks to tell you how the real earnings have been.



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