Why should Ripple grow?

By SergPolly | Cryptocaster | 7 Apr 2021


For those who don't know:

XRP, aka Ripple. XRP is used by the Ripple network to simplify
currency transfers.

Why am I telling this?

I've been watching Ripple for the last month and see it getting
ready to fire again. Although the purchase price is roughly $ 0.5 - $ 0.9,
I think this is a great time to grab! In a month or two, it will grow to
$ 1–1.2. And many are even forecasting a rise to $ 100 within a year.

What is causing this?

Ripple recently bought a 40% stake in a very large Asian cross-border
payments company. This company is called Tranglo and it has a very big
influence in the local market. many are of the opinion that the
Asia-Pacific region is the main market for RippleNet. For example,
the growth in the number of concluded deals in 2020 differs markedly
from 2019. It has grown by 80%! And the number of transactions increased
by 1700%. And this should soon affect the price of the coin.


Yes, of course, there are risks associated with the SEC's claim against Ripple.
But the head of the company claims that this will not affect the Asian market
in any way, and there are reasons for that!

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