How not to lose all your money on trading?

By SergPolly | Cryptocaster | 7 Apr 2021

To begin with, you must understand that any trade is a risk.
And you must be prepared for this risk!

   The first big problem that most novice traders make is they try to buy everything at once.
In trading, everything is like gambling, just the opposite! If you are going to gamble at
a casino, you should go to relax, not to make money. If you decide to participate in the
auction, you should treat it without excitement! This is your job and your profit!


   Before buying coins, you need to study in detail all the information about it.
You must understand what you are investing in! And only after assessing all the
risks, make a deal.


    The second mistake is selling your coins quickly. Many novice traders, after buying
a cryptocurrency, start to panic because of the fall in the rate and immediately try
to sell with minimal loss. My experience shows that if you have studied all the information
in detail and the project has a good chance of development, you should not rush.
Most likely the course will go up again, but you must wait. A prime example of this is XRP,
which is now showing great growth.


So remember, your knowledge is your tool for making money!
Be calm and have good deals!

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