Now you can stake your LRC - Loopring!

Now you can stake your LRC - Loopring!

By andrercules | cryptobullet | 7 Jun 2020

Hi guys!

Today i'm gonna talk about a real good discover that I did some days ago!! This is a really good news for who has been here in Publish0x!

We can stake our LRCs which we win in Publish0x!!! but... How??

Since the end of the last year to this year, the Loopring Foundation has open the opportunity to stake its own token, and now there is a front-end website to do that...!

So how can I start?

First you'll need to go to their website:

Their website

So there is some wallet options to login in this platform, I have Metamask in my browser, it's easy to download, is a extension if you have Brave Browser or Google Chrome!

if you don't use Brave Browser, he is a pay to surf, what are you doing man! You can win BAT using and seeing ADS in this Browser(mainly for U.S. residents! If you don't use Brave Browser yet, download here!

Nice, you have your wallet, and when you achieve the withdrawal here in publish0x you can create a LRC Wallet in the Metamask!


Awesome! Now that it'll create your LRC Wallet, you got your LRCs here in the platform or buy in somewhere else, you can stake it there. Log in the platform with the metamask option!


When you try to stake... it'll advise you:


So your LRC will be locked in three months in this stake platform... then you'll withdraw...

I don't see problems just with the weighted age when you add more LRCs there, it'll a bit longer the withdraw but as all investors know, HODL and STAEK is our beloved option!

when you understand that...

If you have some LRC tokens in your wallet will appear to you the amount you can stake there, I think it's any amount from 0 to 1000 LRCs or even more of course!

So guys that's it, I can't show you yet all the proccess, but I will continue if you tip this article here! :)

And remembers the LRC's price has been growing these days

so If you have some LRCs it costs nothing to put a few to stake isnt'it? A bit more of passive income and investment do nothing bad! ;)


Thanks for reading and don't forget... STAEK! and Tip if you enjoy!



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