Brave Publisher servers down!?

Brave Publisher servers down!?

By Tonythomas | TechBox | 28 Apr 2020

I have tried to log in to my account since today morning. To check my current BAT balance. The website was apparently unreachable.

After trying for a couple of hours I was able to get hold of the magic link which will take us to our accounts. To my surprise, I was greeted with an "Unavailable BAT" balance. It just means that my balance is unavailable. Look at the screenshot.


 As a freaked out user I heard to the official BRAVE community support, to find a bunch of other freaked Creators. Those guys have created multiple threads on the unavailability of BAT in their accounts. Around 6 pm (CEST- Berlin) the official announcement about the problem was made in the community. It's just to let us know that our BATs are there in their servers, Nothing is lost but the Brave dudes have some technical issues.




So let's wait for the issues to be cleaned. And the bugs killed. Your BAT is safe (At least that's the official announcement)

Please write in the comments about what you experience with the Brave Creator account.  

Don't know what brave is?

It's just a random Browser to protect you from Ads and trackers, download the Brave Browser to learn more.


The Server is back to normal around 9 PM , EST (29.0420). The balance is showing up correctly.


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