LikeCoin, Great News For YouTube Content-Creators!

By ZaFarouk | Cryptobaby | 28 Sep 2019

While I was surfing the web I've come across a new CryptoCoin (LikeCoin)
I don't know if you guys knew about it but here's the idea, suppose it's a coin for YouTube Content Creators to help them monetize their content without having to put advertisements!
It pays through the likes you get on your videos, all you have to do is to add your video to their Blockchain & they'll do the rest...
So I did research & it seems legit as there are some YouTubers getting paid off the likes! Cool, huh?
I just signed up & added my video but still didn't get any results yet as it supposes to calculate only the new likes

So, I checked out my LikeCoin statistics the other day & this is what I got

289.095 LKE 
(See in the photo)
I don't really know how much exactly they pay per like but I think it depends on the daily average coin/like bases!
As you can see my video went to 120 likes on YouTube but, they only counted the 80 likes I got since I signed up to the Blockchain

Great news is that you can exchange the LKE for BTC/DOGE/ETH/USD
Plus, there's no minimum LKE's to have so you can exchange
If you're a YouTuber & you get some good likes, I think you should sign up & earn free Crypto without having to monetize your video!
Here's a link tho if you're interested:  

Happy earnings! Let me know in the comments about your earnings!

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