Don't miss out on the gains !!

Don't miss out on the gains !!

This has by far been my best investment !!

Betfury is without a doubt the best casino online with 5 different cryptocurrencys like (Bitcoin BTC, Tron TRX, Tether USDT, SUN, BitTorrent BTT)and more to come before the end of Q4 

The BFG native token allows you to earn daily dividends that is paid out from the DIVIDEND POOL which is over a MILLION DOLLARS.



Dividends payout history for the past 2 years  without missing a day.


BFG Token is currently worth 7600 Satoshi which is currently $0.86 The price just went up and will continue increase automatically as the tokens get mined by the users and become more valuable.

Best way to mine the BGF token is to go to the dice game and then  place a wager amount and leave it on AUTO roll with 95% chance to win.


20% from referral FREE BITCION(BTC) BOX withdrawals
15% from BITCION(BTC) staking boxes
IN HOUSE GAMES - 15% from all bets won (profit)
FOR SLOTS - 1.5% for all wining bets
FOR BFG TOKENS - 5% from all BFG tokens mined by the referral.


Best part for me is there staking boxes that allows you to stake your Bitcion(BTC) for 7 DAYs at 8% and 30 DAYs 10% . with limited amount of boxes they are constantly updating and putting out new boxes last month there was a "KEY BOX" that allowed users to stake there Bitcoin(BTC) at 50% for 30 DAYs.

Free Bitcoin(BTC) Box allowing you to claim Bitcoin every 20 minutes all day!. You can choose to save it and send it to your favorite exchange to buy YOUR NEXT MOON ALT COIN or to use it in game to try and double your earnings while AUTOMATICALLY earning their native BFG tokens.

They were the fastest growing I-dapp in 2019 and possibly 2020 aswell they've been around for 2 years without fail great team communication  and 24 HOUR LIVE support if you ever get stuck or confused and need the help.

And remember if you unsure about making an investment then just start PLAYING OR SAVING that FREE BITCOIN THEY GIVE YOU !! 

Easy sign up with your email address or your tron wallet ...



Crypto And Cocktails
Crypto And Cocktails

I'm a Young Adult that has been working as a Mixologist for a couple years now, And has found more than just a interest in the blockchain community

CryptoAndCocktails With Passive income
CryptoAndCocktails With Passive income

We will be talking about New and Old exchanges and their benefits as well as their down falls. I'll Mostly be on the topic of Passive income as I believe Everyone has to right to earn an income no matter their past or education. I'll also be touching on Dapps and various Blockchain platforms.

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