Review of StreamIt [STREAM]

Review of StreamIt [STREAM]

By SatoshiStacker | CryptoAnalyzer | 18 Sep 2019

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Grow your live channel with StreamIt Coin


StreamIt Coin wants to revolutionize the way today’s vloggers, video channel owners, and streamers struggle to grow their channel into a full-time job. With its innovative StreamIt Bot it focusses on growing your channel, 24/7.

Market Research:

StreamIthas did extensive research into blockchain technology and how to integrate this technology into its enterprise, offering more efficiency and transparency.

The major players like Facebook, Youtube and others are subject to controversy because of de-monetizing and shadow banning, specifically targetting certain channels to destroy their owners' income-model.

StreamIt believes in free speech and will build on the initial wave of blockchain-based social media platforms, the likes of Steemit, Narrative and many others, but with a much broader concept.

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, StreamIt will work with the big players like Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Youtube Live and Twitch and create a brand new income-model for the already existing channels and newcomers to this rapidly growing industry.

StreamIt Bot:

Many streamers and vloggers want to make their passion a full-time career and are desperately in need of a new and fair system that allows them to reward their following base and subscribers, a problem yet unsolved and successfully tackled by the StreamIt Coin Development Team.

StreamIt Bot can be fully set up by you, the streamer, to work for you 24/7, growing your channel's subscribers numbers and activity, by raining StreamIt Coins as a reward for them to follow your channel.

       Fig 1. A complete description of the StreamIt Bot can be found in the                 StreamIt Coin whitepaper.

StreamIt Platform:

To use the StreamIt Bot, a powerful tool, to grow your channel, you need to become a registered StreamIt streamer. This allows you to use the StreamIt Platform, where you can set rewards for your subscribers, grouping by tiers 1–3.

       Fig 2. A detailed description of the StreamIt Platform can be found in the           StreamIt Coin whitepaper.

Analyze your channel with the StreamIt Dashboard:

To optimize your channel, StreamIt Dashboard allows you to use analytic data by:

  • demography;
  • view time;
  • traffic source;
  • popularity;
  • action
  • spent vs earned.

With this dataset, you will be able to calculate the ideal settings, for an optimized return on investment.

       Fig 3. StreamIt Dashboard — Analytics and more.

StreamIt Coin Specifications:

StreamIt Coin uses Quark PoS, an energy-efficient and stable consensus algorithm and its network is further ensured by Masternodes.

       Fig 4. StreamIt Coin Specification

A StreamIt Coin Masternode requires you to buy 20,000 STREAM Coins, which you can buy on CryptoBridge, Crex or CoinExchange, where the Coin is already listed and trades.

What is a StreamIt Coin Masternode?

Without nodes, a blockchain can not function. A masternode is a special full node and it typically processes transactions that occur on the blockchain, 24/7. To continuously process transactions, a masternode requires a lot of computer memory and collateral. The memory is simply computing power, the collateral is the number of coins required to run the masternode. To run a masternode, most people turn to a VPS server, to set up a dedicated IP-address. The collateral for a StreamIt Coin MN requires you to buy 20,000 STREAM and entitles you to a passive income.

VPS, also known as a Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine provided by a web hosting company and runs on its own operating system (OS). It provides admin rights and root access to clients who can install almost any required software, for example, a masternode.

dedicated IP address is a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address and is assigned exclusively to a single hosting account. It offers you access to your website even when the DNS is not set up, it provides increased speed during high traffic load and brings increased security.

To set up a StreamIt Coin MasterNode, the StreamIt Coin Team will offer you assistance.

StreamIt Coin Twitch Bot is live:

As you can see in the top banner, the StreamIt Coin TwitchBot is very much alive and kicking.

To use TwitchBot you need to open the TwitchBot Dashboard (image below).

       Fig 5. StreamIt Twitchbot Dashboard.

This dashboard gives you access to a wide source of useful information, like your total STREAM Wallet balance, total Wallet value in BTC, total STREAM allocated for payouts and even total Wallet balance in USD.

To allow easy use of Twitchbot, it comes with a command list:

      Fig 6. StreamIt Twitchbot Command List.

To be a successful Streamer means that you can multitask, something that is much easier with a handy set of commands, allowing you to have more time to create your content. Therefore, Twitchbot commands are short and allow you to quickly engage with your subscribers and community.

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