Review of Sinovate Crypto Currency

Review of Sinovate Crypto Currency

By SatoshiStacker | CryptoAnalyzer | 3 weeks ago

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SINOVATE, a peer-to-peer decentralized cryptocurrency, is a project that takes blockchain to another level. A level where a lot of attention and research was done by a highly experienced team, to improve the already existing SUQA blockchain far beyond its former market position, focusing on global adoption into many industries, with a wide range from the traditional financial, medical and insurance sectors to even governments.

The SINOVATE development team exists out of 34 highly motivated people, coming from all global regions. Their mission is to implement their decentralized blockchain technology into a wide variety of sectors, by harnessing existing technologies and concepts and by innovating them, allowing the user base the ability to adopt these new technologies in a secure environment.

Bitcoin 2009 — SINOVATE 2019

The first work on a cryptographically secured chain of blocks was described in 1991 by Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornett and only first conceptualized by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. Since then the size of the Bitcoin blockchain has experienced consistently high levels of growth, reaching 210 gigabytes in size as of the beginning of April 2019.

It has furthermore started a revolution and a race to build the best crypto-projects. SINOVATE has prepared itself to be part of the top teams within the crypto developers market by doing all the necessary research and pinpointing certain elements in need of improvements.

So what does SINOVATE offer?

SINOVATE (SIN) developed a new Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm called X25X, relying on Komodo’s unique security mechanism, often referred to as Delayed Proof of Work (dPoW). Furthermore, X25X is GPU mineable and offers protection against ASIC, FPGA, and QUANTUM computers.

Why should investors take notice of SINOVATE?

Well, first of all, investors need to check certain basic elements within any crypto project they are interested in. I the case of SINOVATE we can state they have a very strong team, with people in many fields regarding research and development of the SINOVATE blockchain project.

They have C++, Javascript, Python, and Solidity developers and this allows the project to perform at the highest level. Another important note is the activity on Github. The many revisions on the SINOVATE Github account, which further proves the developers are always on top of any changes to the SINOVATE code, releasing new versions publicly on a regular base, proves the team is on top of its game.

On the SINOVATE Github, the team keeps these revisions straight, storing the modifications in a central repository. This is how Github works and it allows the SINOVATE developers to easily collaborate, as they can download a new version of the software, make changes, and upload the newest revision. Every developer can see these new changes, download them, and contribute.

Which extra features does SINOVATE offer?

TPS (transactions per second): Compared to bitcoin, SINOVATE permits 533 transactions per second, about 75 times more scalable than bitcoin.

ShadowSend: With the integration of ShadowSend, you can transact anonymously.

Infinity Nodes: Multi-tiered masternodes allow everyone to invest in SINOVATE. There are three options: each Infinity Node can hold up to 100,000 SIN; 500,000 SIN (+5% bonus reward) or even 1,000,000 SIN (+10% bonus reward).

Inflation-resistance: All SIN used to create Infinity Nodes are immediately burnt and no longer part of the overall coin supply. This is a way to tackle inflation, as it will allow your coins to store more value. For total transparency, coins that are burnt are sent to this address:


Explorer Link:

Stats Link:

Revolving Sovereignty Votes: Infinity Node holders can participate in decentralized voting by using the built-in unique revolving E-Governance system. With this unique tool, SINOVATE allows its community to vote on future developments, democratizing its project and making it more transparent.

The return on investment?

To understand the SINOVATE ROI we need to explain SINOVATE Infinity Nodes. A SINOVATE Infinity Node holder will receive a daily Infinity Node payment: within the first 300 days starting on locking his SIN, he’ll receive back his collateral. The rest of the year he will earn extra SIN, with a minimum of up to 22% yearly. The bonuses on the Mid and Big SIN are an extra return.

Compared to many masternode related crypto-currencies that offer high ROI with high inflation, SINOVATE offers a minimum of up to 22% with no inflation. Furthermore, SINOVATE will hold more value per coin, as inflation is tackled efficiently.


SINOVATE has a strong and motivated international team with experience in most blockchain programming languages and has redefined the minimal requirements of a modern cryptocurrency project. It furthermore focusses far beyond the financial market, which gives it more adoption possibilities. The well-known inflation problem is actively being tackled by the innovative Infinity Nodes, a next-gen multi-tiered masternodes application. Investors can check out the discord server, where the communication with the community is very transparent. The website is designed professionally and contains all the necessary detailed information. Github is often revised to keep the project updated. The project is well-designed to store value: not only by tackling inflation but also by further developments and future plans.

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I am not a professional investment adviser, this is not financial advice. This is not a solicitation for you to invest in this project, but merely a review and first insight document.



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