Analysis of prices BTC, ETH, XRP (16.09.20)

Analysis of prices BTC, ETH, XRP (16.09.20)

By InsanisFox | DivesEst | 16 Sep 2020



Yesterday, buyers managed to pierce the daily EMA55 and set a weekly high around 10940.00 USD. However, sellers stopped the BTC price recovery and did not allow the pair to gain a foothold above the level of 10,800.00 USD.

We believe that today the rollback from the daily moving average EMA55 is not over yet. During the day, the pair will decline to support USD 10500.00. If this level stops sellers, the attempt to break through the daily average price level will be repeated and the maximum is expected in the resistance area of ​​11200.00 USD.



Buyers had a weak attempt to overcome the green trendline resistance yesterday morning, but buying volumes were quite low and the price was unable to return to the upward channel.

Sellers pushed the pair back below the two-hour EMA55, but until the end of the day the pair held above the support level of 360.00 USD. The bearish pressure did not abate overnight and the Ethereum price pierced this support.

If the pair is able to stay in this area and try again to gain a foothold in the green ascending channel, buyers will test the psychological level of 400.00 USD by the end of the week.

If the pressure increases today, the pair will soon reach support at 320.00 USD.



Yesterday's attempt by buyers to break through the 0.250 USD resistance was choked with above-average selling volume and XRP price pulled back into the 2-hour EMA55 area.

Until the end of the day, the volumes decreased, so the pair remained in a narrow consolidation at the level of average prices. At night, the bearish momentum broke through the moving average EMA55 and marked a minimum in the support area of ​​0.230 USD.

In the morning the price bounced and today we can count on another attempt to break through the resistance of 0.250 USD.

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