Coin Contest İn Partnership With Kucoin With Winplay

Coin Contest İn Partnership With Kucoin With Winplay

By I'm cripto's tesla | cryptoanalysiss | 28 Apr 2020

Coin Contest İn Partnership With Kucoin With Winplay


This project, conducted with Kucoin, gives a certain amount of coins to the contestants who are among the top 200 or 500 by the end of the competition, who collect points by performing various tasks.

These tasks are very easy to follow and like accounts on social media such as Twitter, Instagram, you can collect points.

In the current open competition not only gave Dash 1. the PS4 is also a gift.


What you need to do is very easy to give the link below and everyone who signs up with him and me can provide points.

WinPlay  Link : WinPlay Account Link

After registering here you need to confirm your email. once you have done this approval, you can start doing the tasks.

How Can I Make A Withdrawal?

You add it from the Settings section, but here you need to type your ETH address based on ERC20, for which I recommend the trust wallet application.

if you sign up with this link, you will be given 100 TWT coins at the end of the month.

Trust Wallet Link: Trust Wallet Account Link


You can comment for your questions and answers Good Day :) 

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I'm cripto's tesla
I'm cripto's tesla

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