Cryptocurrencies: Creation stage.

By victor0026 | Crypto26 | 8 Sep 2019

Each and every one of the things have their beginning and end, others remain as time goes by, therefore we will start talking about the beginning of cryptocurrencies and for that we must place ourselves in the history of Bitcoin and its creator, not only that we should go further back and know what the inspirations for the creation of this currency were.

We will be located in 2008 where there was a great crisis in the United States, which devalued the dollar affecting the whole world, this forcing to look for a solution that only centralized banks could solve, taking governments around the world the decision to use what is called "quantitative easing" (if you want to know what is quantitative easing click here), starting to print money and inject them into your economy to avoid a great depression in its citizens. Given what happened and the great low value of the currencies the banks were affected being these safeguarded by the governments, obviously with the taxpayers' money. In a nutshell and not to get stuck in this part of the story, Central banks manipulate and devalue currencies around the world.

It is for this great collapse that a character decided to create a decentralized currency, where its value was not decided by central banks or governments, something that depends on the value that people give it, this character is called "Satoshi Nakamoto", until today nobody knows who he is or about his history, the little that is known is that he is a 37-year-old Japanese and that he lives somewhere in Japan, although many say he is American or that he is not a single man but A large group of workers. Now, the idea of ​​a decentralized currency did not arise directly from Nakamoto, but there were already groups that we're implementing this idea, but there was a problem that without the control of a Central Bank this decentralized currency was very vulnerable to attacks and robberies, So a system created by Nakamoto himself emerges, the famous Blockchain (If you want to know what is Blockchain click here) that we all know, which would allow us to break that barrier of insecurity and that is what has kept the world of Cryptos safe. So far, something that has caught the attention of even big businessmen.

So far the publication of today, I hope you like my little information and it is very good to know the history of this new economic system that is and will continue to revolutionize the world.

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