Which is the best and secure crypto wallet ??

Which is the best and secure crypto wallet ??

As you know there are many ways to store your crypto, some of them are safest and some of them are easiest to use. In general which wallet you choose depends on what do you want, for example if you are searching a wallet comfortable you and with a fast access you can use a wallet for mobile or an exchange, instead if you are searching a wallet to store an important quantity in crypto and for a long time you should use a hardware wallet or a paper wallet.

Here we can see and compare the different kind of wallet that are in circulation. ill' show you what i am personally using and ill'tell you why.

Exchange wallet (without your private key)


First of all i'm starting with saying that is not safe leave your coin on an exchange because you have not your keys and the founds are on the exchange's wallet. So if they get hacked or if you are using an exchange that close and go away you have lost all the founds. This are the negative aspect of this kind of wallet.

The positive aspect is that this wallet are more easy to use, mainly for the beginners and are also very useful if you need to exchange often your coin with FIAT or other crypto, because you have all the exchanges services in a single place.

I suggest you to use this kind of wallet if you want, but leave on them only a few quantity of your coins, while keep the major stack on the other wallet, that ill'show you below. 

Which exchange wallet i should use ?

Currently i am using Crypto.com, i have written an article that you can find here if you are interested (you can also earn 50$, i have explained everything in that article), because it is easy to use and faster than other and in addiction you have also the possibility to spend your crypto, with they own debit card.

The other Wallet that i am using is the Coinbase wallet associated with the exchange. 


Desktop and mobile wallet (with your private keys) 


There are different wallets for desktop and smartphone of this kind. the main advantage is that you own the private key, so you don't have to trust a third part like an exchange and if for example for some reasons your pc or smartphone breaks, with the private key you can easily recover the wallet and all your founds on an other device.

The negative aspect, compared with the first kind of wallet is that you can't exchange directly your coin with other asset or in fiat, but first you have to send them to an exchange.

But if you have a quantity of crypto that you want to keep safe this is a good system, also because this wallet are free and you don't have to spend nothing in addiction to use them.

Which wallet do you suggest ?

I am personally using Exodus Wallet for more than 2 years and i think that it is a good product, also because there is also the mobile app and, inserting the same seed you can synchronize the same wallet on your desktop and on your smartphone.


Hardware wallet (with your private keys) 


The hardware wallets are the most secure wallets and i suggest that everyone should have one of this to keep his crypto in safe.

Indeed with an hardware wallet you have the access to your private key, that also in case that you loose or break your device you cane easily recover all your founds, but in addiction to the desktop wallet it can't be hacked, because in order to send to someone your crypto you have to confirm the transaction connecting the hardware wallet to your computer or smartphone (trough the bluetooth, for the devices that support this function) or with an USB cable for the computer, and pressing the physical button on the device, that can't be hacked remotely. While for the desktop or mobile wallt it could happen that some viruses have the access to your wallet and that send your crypto to someone else.

Which wallet do you suggest ?

Personally i am using the Ledger nano s to keep my major quantity on crypto, and i have to say that for me it is the best wallet in circulation, and i suggest you to keep one if you don't have one jet. it is real that it costs, but if you have some crypto that you don'want to lose and you want to hodl for some time in my opinion it is an expense due. 



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