When is the Perfect time to buy Bitcoin ?

When is the Perfect time to buy Bitcoin ?

Best moment to by Bitcoin 

Lots of people are always trying to find the perfect entrance to buy Bitcoin and to make the most gain possible.


I have find this cool website www.moonmath.win in where they track the price of Bitcoin using Equations and statistics on its future possible buy and sell areas. 📊

When it's in the the blue, you buy... and when it hits red or above, you take profits. How simple is that? 😅

Is this legit? What is "really" legit when talking about cryptos? Nothing, Bitcoin has a mind of its own but this chart does make lots of sense.

What do you guys think? Can this simple "Rainbow" chart be the simple answer everyone is looking for to reach the pot of Bitcoin Gold?

It sure seems like an easy way... Just Buy Bitcoin, stop looking at the charts all day, go live your life and when it moons, sell. BOOM EASY! 😂

Keep on STACKIN! 😎


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