The real intrinsic value of Bitcoin and the value of money from history. The price will moon

The real intrinsic value of Bitcoin and the value of money from history. The price will moon

Why is Bitcoin so important ?

Bitcoin is the most revolutionary asset of the century mainly because for the first time we have the capability to choose Bitcoin instead of the FIAT and instead of the traditional banking and money system.

Indeed with Bitcoin we have the control of our money and no one can decide to block them, like it could happens if you have the money in a bank, because when you deposit them in a bank account, technically, all the money are not longer yours, but belongs to the bank, so the have the capability to lock your founds or decide to give you back when they want if for example you require a large sum. While with Bitcoin this problem could never happen, because you can transfer all the quantity that you want as long as you own the founds on your wallet.351665157-43a6673d7f29382dbe64eabc9b37b5e6b7fb040c6bf507ee32727da9c21d0a56.jpeg


In addiction the whole blockchain in literally controlled by the community, in fact are the miners that keep active the Bitcoin's blockchain and that permit to the whole system to work. In this way there is any central authority that can shut down the blockchain, because the mining power is so distributed all over the world, that also if some government should ban the Bitcoin mining or close some mining farm Bitcoin will be working well. 



Moreover Bitcoin in the most scarce asset in the world, in fact as we know his max supply is of 21 million BTC and now, at the moment of writing there are 18,213,625 BTC in circulation, and with the halving coming up there will be also less BTC mined every day. This aspects make Bitcoin the most scarce asset, indeed it will be never possible mine more than 21 million and this is the main reason for which Bitcoin could easily reach 100K USD but also 1 Million USD of value in the next 5/10 years. In fact if the demand increase or remains the same of today and the inflation decrease the value of BTC is fated to grow a lot. 


Why Bitcoin could be used in the next decade as money ?


If we give a look at the history, often, the main form of money that has been adopted was the most scarce one, like stones, salt, beads, at the end gold, and at the moment cold be Bitcoin that will' take the place as the new kind of money. Always giving a look at the history we can see that the newest form of money was chosen passing from the most inflationary the most deflationary form of money. For example in china during the 14th century the main form of money were the beads, but when the European settles arrived, and for them was easiest to produce the beads, they started to import in china the beads from Europe and they started to buy goods. In this way soon in china there were so lots of inflation that they had to leave the beads as form of money and choose gold, that was the less deflationary form on money. 

So it could be really possible that Bitcoin, in the next years, will' became the new form of money adopted. 


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