Make money in crypto using referrals. Best tricks. You have to read this !!

Make money in crypto using referrals. Best tricks. You have to read this !!

How to make free money in crypto

I am telling you real ways where you can use the referral to invite friends and make free crypto, exploiting the bonuses offered by different companies.

There are lot of companies in the crypto space who are trying to promote their service and often this companies offers free crypto when you join and when you referes other people. The only things that you have to to is to register, claim the bonus and invite other friend, telling them, writing here on publish0x or making video on youtube and so on.

In addiction you can also expand the crypto world to people that are not in and spread the voice about cryptocurrencies.

Claim bonuses, here is how!

Down here ill' make a list af all the services that i use and ill' explain for each of them how you can make money and how much.

i'll make a short description, but you can find all the details on each site. 




it is probably one of the biggest exchange and probably the most secure, you can earn 10$ by registering and 10$ for each person invited 


you can register here --> Coinbase 


earn up to 40$ in EOS on coinbase earn --> EOS

earn up to 40$ in XLM coinbase earn --> XLM

for this last two you have only to have an account on coinbase and you have only to watch a short video about eos and xlm and claim the free crypto is a platform where you can excahnge crypto, borrow them, but the most important feature are the cards that you can use to convert your crypto in fiat and spend them anywhere.


You can earn 50$ by registering and other 50$ for each person invited

you can register here -->

insert this code to receive the 50$ bonus by registeringhj8kfw2dgv 





Library LBRY 



i have written an article on library that you can find here to know more about the platform 

you can earn 60 LBC by registering and 20 LBC for each person invited

you can register here --> Library 



Roller Coin 


This is a mining simulator game where you earn real bitcoin. you can find my article here 

you earn the 25% of income of each person invited. it is also funny :) 

play by clicking here --> Rollercoin 



If you are interested in article like this one follow me because ill' publish more article with more ways to earn free crypto using referrals !!

what are you waiting ?? spread the referrals and start to earn.

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