LBRY Earn money publishing video and articles

LBRY Earn money publishing video and articles

My thoughts on LBRY 

I have used LBRY for a while i i have noticed that the platform is very valid, with a good community and with lots of users, to be a decentralised platform, obviously  the number are very low compared with youtube, but i think that the platform has a lot of potential of grown. Also his crypto (LBC) is rinsing is price in the last weeks.


What is LBRY 


LBRY is the first digital marketplace to be controlled by the market's participants rather than a corporation or other 3rd-party. It is the most open, fair, and efficient marketplace for digital goods ever created, with an incentive design encouraging it to become the most complete.

At the highest level, LBRY does something extraordinarily simple. LBRY creates an association between a unique name and a piece of digital content, such as a movie, book, or game. This is similar to the domain name system that you are most likely using to access this very post.

However, LBRY does this not through a proprietary service or network, but as a protocol, or a method of doing things, much like HTTP, DNS and other specifications that make up the internet itself. Just as many different domains owned by many different companies all speak a shared language, so too can any person or company speak LBRY. No special access or permission is needed.

LBRY is not an ad-driven media service. In fact, it's not even a traditional media service at all. LBRY is an open protocol that allows you to publish your content to the network at no cost to you and allows you to set a price per stream or download if you wish. Because LBRY is a protocol and not a corporate store, there is no approval process for content to be listed and no authority that can "de-monetize" your videos. That's between you and your audience.

With LBRY, pricing is completely at the discretion of the creator, and 100% of that price goes to the creator. The Creator will earn money with Token and then you sell it through Crypto Exchanges and transfer to your favorite currency. Especially, with LBRY you earn money directly and instantly, and earn money in many ways, not only base on the views from your contents.

More Interesting, if you already have a youtube channel, and have many subscribers, you can synchronize your youtube channel to LBRY and earn a lot of money from your subscribers.

You can register here --> LBRY (40 LBC for free )


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