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Voyager: High Interest Rates & Commissionless Trading

By Fuglypump | Crypto with Fugly | 31 Jan 2022

Voyager is a cryptocurrency broker that has recently become one of my favorite apps to use for trading crypto, the platform connects multiple exchanges together to route orders behind the scenes while providing users with commission-free trading and offers competitive interest rates on various cryptocurrencies.

Currently the app is only available in the US (except New York) but they will soon be expanding to Europe and Canada. Voyager is also launching a debit card with cashback rewards and will soon be releasing a desktop version of the app.

Sign up using this link and use the code "DAV5E5F5C" to get $25 in BTC after trading $100


Is Voyager Safe?

Voyager Digital, LLC is a publicly traded, licensed and regulated crypto company based in the US meaning they are legally required to disclose quartarly and annual reports as well as conduct public filings when making important decisions. Public ownership also gives them an obligation to act in the best interest of their shareholders.

Voyager makes claims that honesty, transparency, and security are their top priority. They have been publicly audited, their website is encrypted and additionally user funds are FDIC-insured for up to $250,000.


Voyager App

  • The app's interface is very user friendly and is easy to understand, navigating the app feels quick and responsive.
  • Deposited funds are available to trade with immediately
  • Monitors profits and losses for each crypto asset in real-time
  • Earn high APY rates on crypto holdings without lockup periods
  • Easy recurring purchases allows you to buy using daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly intervals (perfect for dollar cost averaging)
  • Limit orders allow you to set the price that you buy or sell crypto
  • Loyalty program offers rewarding incentives for holding VGX
  • Generous referral bonus gives $25 BTC to both users after trading $100
  • Only available in the US (except New York) currently
  • Withdraw fees can be pretty expensive for some currencies (not all)
  • Transfers are not supported for all cryptocurrencies
  • Earning interest requires a minimum balance for each asset
  • Cannot trade two cryptos directly, can only buy/sell using fiat currently and only amounts valued above $10
  • The spread acts like a hidden fee when using market orders and can make it more difficult for limit orders to complete
  • It has KYC (know your customer) processing, if that's a con for you


Referral Program

You can earn $25 for each user you invite to sign up for a Voyager account, they simply need to sign up using your referral link and then trade $100 worth of any cryptocurrency and you will both receive $25 in Bitcoin.

If you are interested in getting started please consider supporting me by using the code "DAV5E5F5C" to give yourself a $25 bonus for signing up.


Earning Interest

If you hold above the minimum required amount you will earn interest on your holdings.


Personally I hold Bitcoin and Voyager Token on Voyager as a long term holding for earning interest. I have limit sell orders set up to take profits automatically as the market grows but those will not trigger for many months, in the meantime my holdings will continue generating interest. I have also used this platform to earn interest on Cardano while accumulating before withdrawing it to a DeFi wallet.

When it comes to Ethereum I prefer to use the and Celsius to earn interest with because those platforms offer better rates for ETH.


Loyalty Program

There are 3 Voyager loyalty levels, Adventurer, Explorer and Navigator, each level is based on how many VGX tokens you are holding. 


The most important bonus from the loyalty program in my opinion is the Earnings Reward Boost which increases the amount of interest you earn. I am in the Adventurer tier which means I get an extra 0.5% interest on my BTC holdings, turning the normal 4.75% interest into 5.25%, not too bad.


Debit Card (waitlist)

Voyager is currently launching their Debit Card with cashback rewards which allows you to spend from your USDC balance directly.


Personally I prefer's debit card for my day to day expenses because the cashback rewards are higher, but I still think that Voyager's mastercard serves as a solid backup card, if anything goes wrong with or Visa I can still get some cashback rewards by spending directly from the USDC balance that is passively earning 9% interest, with that in mind I will be using my USDC holdings on Voyager to serve as an emergency purchasing fund.

If you are interested in the debit card and already have an account you can join the waitlist to get early access to one.


Desktop Version (closed beta)

Soon there will be a desktop version for the Voyager app which will greatly increase the usability of the platform and is likely bring a lot of new users


The desktop version of Voyager will be highly customizable and have advanced charting features, technical analysis studies, robust trading indicators, real-time pricing data and more.

If you are interested in getting early access to the desktop version and already have an account created you can sign up for the closed beta.


Final Thoughts

I personally enjoy using Voyager as a platform for accumulating Bitcoin as a long term holder, I use the recurring buy function and the limit order feature to stack sats on a consistant basis, as the months/years pass by I will accumulate interest on my holdings without thinking too hard about short term price changes.

Every few weeks I am creating more limit buy orders to attempt to catch the next dip/crash, right now with the market being as volatile as it is I feel like this could be a very good platform to use for buying the dips. Once the market recovers and starts testing new all-time highs again I will be able to use limit sell orders to take profits incrementally as things grow in value. 

I think that Voyager Token (VGX) also has some really good potential for the next bull run, I feel like Voyager has gone unnoticed so far and it's only a matter of time before their debit card and desktop application launch. Once both of those are fully in play I can imagine there being a lot of growth for Voyager as a whole.


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This article is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Please do your own research before making any financial decisions.

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