My First Month Writing on Publish0x (January 2022)

By Fuglypump | Crypto with Fugly | 2 Feb 2022

I heard about Publish0x back in November last year as a way to get paid for writing articles so I signed up and applied to become an author but never got around to posting until new years day. I didn't even know readers could keep some of the tips until I already started writing articles of my own so I didn't even start using the tipping feature until new years eve.

This is my first blogging site and it's been like a decade since I've been in school so my writing skills are not quite what they used to be, but essentially my plan is to improve with time. To start out my writing journey my plan has been to just post about the things I am currently using, my posts so far have been about cryptocurrency focused on building passive income.



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  • 77 referrals


Ambassador Program

Apparently I have managed to recruit 77 new users to Publish0x in my first month, adding "?a=oQeZY90Edp" to the end of the URL when promoting my articles has generated a lot more signups than I imagined it would. 


77 referrals in my first month feels very promising, I really like the idea of getting 5% of their tip value, if I can maintain this momentum and recruit a literal army of active tippers maybe it could amount to a solid source of passive income.

I hope that some of these users become authors and start posting good content for me to read, I'd love to see more people posting food onto here, cooking blogs with recipes and stuff, I want to see more art and creative writing and things like that, I think it is great that Publish0x can be more than just posts about cryptocurrency.



Ambassador Leaderboard

I didn't even know there was a monthly contest until last week I looked at the leaderboard and saw my own name lol.


$5 isn't much but at the same time I didn't even try to achieve this either, all I really did was just share my referral link on a couple different places and at the bottom of every article and hyperlink it anywhere possible like I've been doing with this article.


Final Thoughts

I am feeling pretty good about my first month, I didn't have any goals and just figured I would dip my toes in the water and see how things felt and so far I am enjoying myself here, the results are actually much better than I expected and I'm really happy about that. I think that by applying myself to write articles I may inadvertantly drive myself into learning more than I originally set myself out to do, doing research on everything I post about has been helping me improve my ability to do my own research.

I guess my only goal really is to spend less time looking at price charts and dedicate that time towards earning more cryptocurrency instead. I am looking forward to seeing how Febuary goes, hopefully I can get even more followers on my 2nd month than I did on my first.



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