How to earn PRE every day for searching the internet using Presearch

By Fuglypump | Crypto with Fugly | 1 Jan 2022

What is Presearch?

Presearch is a privacy preserving search engine that rewards you with cryptocurrency for using it. Most search engines like Google or Bing collect your data to sell it for profit, instead of doing that Presearch changes the narrative by paying its users with PRE tokens. This creates an incentive to use the platform, enables competitive growth and promotes ideas like decentralization, data ownership and privacy. 


How does Presearch work?

Presearch runs on a decentralized blockchain powered by a network of node operators owned by the community, search queries are handled anonymously to preserve your privacy without storing or tracking your searches. Non-intrusive ads are displayed contextually using keywords from your search and are paid for by advertisers staking PRE Tokens. Presearch rewards are distributed to users for searching, promoters for referring new users and node operators for powering and securing the network.


How good are the search results?

Presearch combines the search results from top search providers like Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing, and YouTube, then additionally provides a layer of information through various community data packages, for example if you search the name of a cryptocurrency it will show a chart of the coin's price using data from CoinMarketCap. This platform continues improving as development progresses and I expect things to keep getting better over time as the project grows.

How do I start earning with Presearch?

Getting started is very easy, just sign up then go to the search page and you will get paid for searches long as you are signed in, each day you are allowed up to 30 paid search queries. To make things easier there is a browser extension you can install (works with both Chrome and Brave) and set Presearch as your default search engine, if you have android/ios you can also install the browser app onto a mobile device which includes an optional search bar widget.

How much can I make using Presearch?

The amount of PRE you get per search varies based on value of PRE tokens and other variables like network traffic. Currently I receive 0.0548 PRE per search and one token is worth $0.3557, the daily limit of 30 searches will amount to 1.644 PRE which is valued at $0.5848 per day. Not nearly enough to live off of but it still should grow in value as Presearch becomes more widely used. For increasing your rewards I recommend using Brave browser to earn BAT rewards in addition to earning PRE rewards.

How long does it take to get paid?

Right now in order to unlock withdrawing capabilities you need to first earn 1000 PRE Tokens but this is subject to change, when the Mainnet launches they will replace their reward verification system which will reduce the required amount for unlocking withdrawals. Instead of waiting to reach 1000 I think that it will be better to wait for the Mainnet to launch because when it goes live withdrawing will become more cost efficient. Instead of withdrawing PRE as ERC-20 tokens you will be able to withdraw them as native tokens without paying the Ethereum gas fee.

When will the Mainnet launch?

There isn't a date yet, but we can expect it to launch in Q1 or Q2 2022.

Is there a bonus for signing up?

Use this referral link and we will both get 25 PRE tokens once you have earned your first 50 tokens.


I consider this project both interesting and useful, I enjoy using Presearch as a tool for searching the internet and the incentives have helped motivate me to do more research than what I would normally do without the incentive. I wish I had found this earlier so that I could have started using it sooner. I plan on eventually becoming a node operator to see how good those rewards are because I believe that this project has real potential to be very profitable in the long run, there is still a lot of room for it to grow.

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This article is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Please do your own research before making any financial decisions.

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