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FireFaucet - First Impressions

By Fuglypump | Crypto with Fugly | 29 Jan 2022

I recently started using Cointiply to see how much I could get from it and so far have been liking the results so far so I have decided to check out FireFaucet as well because it is a similar faucet platform that I could explore at the same time. I think that I could increase the efficiency of my time even more by using multiple faucets throughout the day and from what I've gathered this is the next one I should be checking out.

The website itself feels and looks good, I enjoy using darker themes and always enable them whenever they're available, at first glance the different earning methods are easy to find.


The earning methods generate two kinds of points which are called "Auto Claim Points" and "Activity Points"

Activity Points are used as the experience for the level progression system, leveling up increases a bonus multiplier and awards Auto Claim Points


Auto Claim Points are redeemed for crypto automatically when you enable the Auto Faucet feature.


Every Saturday and Sunday there is a happy hour at 2am and 2pm UTC which gives a 50% bonus for the auto claim feature, so I think it is best to save your ACP until those times to convert them into crypto.

So far I have mostly just been using the faucet, PTC ads and the shortlinks, I know that with these platforms the best way to earn is from doing surveys but I haven't had the time to do any of those yet. I wouldn't expect to earn much from FireFaucet without doing the surveys though, I think it is worth atleast doing enough to complete the daily tasks. 

At the moment I am just exploring the website and seeing what can be done with the rewards, I think it will take some time before my account has leveled up enough for the rewards to have truly build up to their real potential, but until then I am able to fit this faucet into my current routine.

If you are interested in checking out FireFaucet please consider using my referral link, doing so supports me at no cost to you.

Do you already use FireFaucet? How does it compare to Cointiply? I'd love to hear about your experiences in the comments.


More ways to earn crypto online:
  • Publish0x - Earn crypto for reading and writing using the free tipping feature, up to 7 free tips per day
  • Presearch - Earn PRE for doing searches using the search engine, up to 30 paid searches per day
  • LunarCrush - Earn Lunr for giving opinions and spending time on the site/app
  • Torum - Earn XTM for completing daily, weekly and one-time missions
  • Odysee - Earn LBC for watching/posting videos and completing tasks
  • Cointiply is a crypto rewards platform that pays for using the faucet, clicking ads, doing surveys, watching videos and more


This article is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Please do your own research before making any financial decisions.


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