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Cointiply - Learning to Maximize Earnings

By Fuglypump | Crypto with Fugly | 26 Jan 2022

I've known about Cointiply for a while now but I didn't actually start trying it until about a month ago, what got me started was I began building a portfolio of methods to earn passive income that can I could do while multitasking on my computer and give myself things to do on my phone at work during any downtime. On my computer I have two screens so it is very easy for me to just play a movie or something on one screen while grinding through all of my earning methods on the other screen.

Cointiply is more than just a faucet, it is full of features, paid videos, offers and games to increase your earnings. When you get started it may all seem overwhelming at first but if you take the time to explore the platform you will quickly find it is easy to navigate the interface and earn Coins.

In this article I will tell you all about the earning methods I have learned so far, or if you'd like to dive in right away you can get started by using this link.


Faucet, Cointiplier and Loyalty Bonus

The faucet is the easiest way to earn coins on Cointiply, just click "Roll & Win" then solve the captcha, I've found it is faster to use the 2nd type of captcha available in the drowndown menu so I switch to that one every time instead of clicking on bicycles.


The Cointiplier bonus is the meter to the right of the faucet, the bonus is a multiplier that increases the amount you get from the faucet and ranges from 1x to 2x. Earning coins increases the Cointiplier which means being more active on Cointiply will increase your Cointiplier.

The loyalty bonus goes up by 1% the first time you use the faucet every day and goes up to a maximum of +100%, if you miss one day it will reset.


Chat Rain Pool

To join the Chat Rain Pool, click on "Start Chatting" then "Click to Qualify for Rain Pool". The little red dot next to "Current Rain Pool" should turn green to indicate that you are qualified for the pool reward.


Each Chat Rain Pool cycle lasts 30 to 45 minutes, the raindrop seen on the left fills up gradually over time, once it is filled completely qualified participants will receive their share of the pool.

Your share of the pool is based on your total earnings from completing offers during the pool session, chatting does not increase your share. To maximize your share of the pool it is best to join the pool as it begins a new session then start completing as many surveys, PTC ads and videos as possible.


Paid-to-Click Ads

PTC ads are a quick and easy way to earn coins with minimal effort that you can expect to earn a few hundred coins every day. 


Every day at 12:00am UTC (7:00pm EST) the ads refresh automatically and throughout the day more are listed periodically. Completing a day's worth of ads will take you around 20-30 minutes and will earn you about 200-600 coins for the day.

Anyone (even you) can create PTC ads so take them with a grain of salt, most people use them to share their referral codes but occasionally a scam could possibly slip through the approval process.


Video Ads

Watch up to 14 video ads each day to earn 12 coins each, videos are 15-60 seconds long. I like to do these on my phone while also doing other things on my computer at the same time or while I am at work I will do them during downtime.




Surveys are the highest paying earning method on Cointiply but I'll be honest with you they are also the most boring method too, surveys are tedious and time consuming but if you are willing to do them honestly they actually pay out really well.


To maximize survey rewards you can use equippable and consumables items to boost the earnings and don't forget to join the chat rain pool before joining/completing the surveys.


Offer Wall

The Offer Wall includes many one-time deals for signing up to websites, creating accounts, installing apps or playing games up to a certain level.


Many of these offers aren't worth the time but you may be able to find some things that are, personally I haven't had the time to explore the offer wall too thoroughly enough yet. If I understand correctly many of the games requires hours of gameplay to reach the goals so it may be better to just do surveys, although games would be more entertaining.

Personally I only see myself doing them if the game itself is fun to play, I might try out King of Avalon or some other game that I could grind through on my phone during downtime at work.


Cointipoints & Item Pods

Item Pods are containers that give 3 random items when opened, Item Pods can be purchased using either Coins or Cointipoints, as far as I am aware the only use for Cointipoints is to purchase Item Pods.


The price of the Common Pod costs less Coins vs Cointipoints when comparing to the Rare Pod which costs more Coins vs Cointipoints, I think the general strategy is to buy the Common Pods using coins until you've acquired 4x equippable items while saving the Cointipoints to spend on Rare Pods.


Equippable Items

You can equip up to 4 equippable items which a provide permanent 2-3% percentage boosts towards offer earnings per item.


It is a good idea to spend Coins on the Common Pods to fill every slot you have available for equippable items.


Consumable Items

You can equip up to 8 consumables which provide temporary percentage boosts towards offer earnings. Some of these consumable items belong to Collections which allows them to be combined together to create a new item that provides a more powerful boost.


It is best to save up the consumables until doing a survey binge, this will maximize the amount of coins you earn during the surveys and rain pool, personally I am waiting until I've reached level 71 and have all 4 equippable item slots filled before I even begin to think about burning through my consumable items.


Redeem Promo Codes

Redeeming promo codes usually gives 100 or 200 coins, there are a couple ways to find promo codes:
  • Follow them on Twitter or Facebook where they post promo codes
  • Subscribe to email updates and they will email you with promo codes
  • The mobile app occasionally gives notifications with promo codes
  • Scroll through the "Level Up" channel in chat, users frequently post lists of known promo codes on there.
Here are some promo codes worth trying:






When a new user signs up using your referral link you will receive a bonus amount based on how many coins they earn:

  • 25% of their faucet earnings
  • 10% of their offer earnings


If you are interested in getting started please consider using my referral link, signing up using my code doesn't take away from your earnings and only adds a bonus that supports me, I am very grateful to everyone who supports me. 


5% Annual Interest

If you hold atleast 35,000 coins ($3.50) then you will get 5% APY (annual percentage yield) but this is disabled by default, to enable earning interest you need to go to the settings to enable it.


Bitcoin generally increases more than 5% value per year so it is still better to withdraw BTC to somewhere like Celsius, or Voyager where you can earn interest on your Bitcoin holdings instead of holding it in the form of coins.



Currently withdrawing has no fees and the minimum withdrawal for Bitcoin is 50,000 coins ($5) and 30,000 coins ($3) for Dogecoin, Litecoin and Dash.

Instead of withdrawing at 50,000 coins I'd like to maintain atleast 35,000 to continue getting 5% APY and also the quests with the objective to reach certain amounts of coins give extra incentive to hold off on withdrawing, so I would like to atleast reach 100,000 to complete those quests before withdrawing.


Avoid Getting Rekt

  • Don't touch the coin multiplier, it is gambling and odds are against you
  • Don't touch the gambling offers on the Offer Wall either.
  • Be careful when viewing PTC ads, many of them are untrustworthy.
  • Set up 2-factor authentication and enable using the pin code.


Final Thoughts

Cointiply is the best crypto faucet that I am able to find currently, it has been around for years and is known for paying its users fast and reliably. The platform offers more ways to earn than most other faucet platforms out there, it may not seem that rewarding at first but over time the rewards really do grow substantially if you keep at it for long enough. 

I have plenty of downtime throughout my day so Cointiply is actually a great platform for me personally, doing this stuff at work feels extra rewarding to me because I'm not spending any of my personal time to earn a little extra on the side. Lately I have been working on expanding my portfolio of methods to earn passive income with and so far this has been one of the highest earning methods.

If you are interested in getting started please consider using my referral link, it supports me at no cost to yourself.



More ways to earn crypto online:
  • Publish0x - Earn crypto for reading and writing using the free tipping feature, up to 7 free tips per day
  • Presearch - Earn PRE for doing searches using the search engine, up to 30 paid searches per day
  • LunarCrush - Earn Lunr for giving opinions and spending time on the site/app
  • Torum - Earn XTM for completing daily, weekly and one-time missions
  • Odysee - Earn LBC for watching/posting videos and completing tasks
  • FireFaucet is a crypto rewards platform that pays for using the faucet, clicking ads, doing surveys, watching videos and more

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This article is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Please do your own research before making any financial decisions.

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