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Are you wondering if xrp can make you a millionaire?



XRP has the potential to make you wealthy.


Despite the fact that it has lately seen a significant dip and rallies, various indications indicate that it is a smart investment and that its price may rise in the future.


XRP is being tried as a substitute for SWIFT money transfers at a few institutions.


The main reason why Ripple might be a good investment is because of this, money can move a lot quicker without the typical 3 to 7 day delays you normally experience when sending money to different places.


People are seeking quicker transfers than ever before, thus Ripple's technology is clearly on its way to becoming a normal feature of bank money transactions.



Another important factor to consider when investing in any cryptocurrency is the costs associated with it. Ripple's fees are much lower than those of most other companies.


Your literally paying pennies to get your money transfered using XRP's technology.


Ripple has become a more tempting investment item—and a more competitive money transfer technology—by keeping transfer costs low.


When you buy in XRP, you may be certain that its value may grow and that it may ultimately make you wealthy.


You've probably heard it before: if you invested $3000 in XRP in 2017 and sold it at its peak in 2018, you might have earned a million dollars.


Now that you have a better understanding of Ripple's true potential, let's look at how you may become a billionaire using XPR, a cryptocurrency that is closely linked to Ripple.


The current market capitalization of XRP is $40 billion, with circulating Supply of 48.14 billion units, or around .87 cents per coin.


I frequently encourage people to forget what they've missed out on in the past by not investing early or getting early into one cryptocurrency or another, because apart from purchasing and holding these cryptocurrencies for potential, there's a lot more to them than that.


Let's compare the market capitalization of XRP to that of Bitcoin, all cryptocurrencies, the US dollar, and gold.


Assume that in 2-3 years, XRP fulfills all of its objectives and is adopted by the masses to be used for the majority of global transactions, with a market valuation of $7.8 trillion dollars.


To become a billionaire in this situation, you just need to invest $2,500.


Finally, I feel that if one can be patient and execute things correctly, XRP has the ability to make everyone wealthy.


Why hasn't XRP had a lot of explosive growth?


At the end of the day, only XRP's demand will determine its fate. The on going issues with the SEC are also a major problem for XRP since it's currently not available to purchase on most exchanges in the U.S.


And this brings us to the end of this video.


I hope XRP makes you wealthy.

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