Changing my strategy

Changing my strategy

By Kiabuzz | Crypto topics | 13 Mar 2019

The alts are hodl strong 3 times gains from initial investment and diversification at a buy in at btc value 3200 usd. That’s 3x with buying crypto alts with a use case and extensive research.
So from a price range of 3200 to 4200 my portfolio has seen an averaged 3x averaged gains and stability.
The next uptrend in btc that will follow at 1000 usd range is 4200 to 5200 which will bring 3x gains
Say I put 500 into alts at when btc was 3200
Then my gains as of now without selling would be 1500.
The move from 3200 usd btc to 4200 brought 3x
Based off that then then move from 4200 to 5200
Will bring me to 4500 usd value in hodl alts with use cases and being used so research watch hodl..

Now about the break from 5200 to 6200 that’s the money machine line that 6200. After BTC breaks above the sky is the limit. Many of these alts will see massive waves in uptrend why just trade when you hodl now and as you go btc has a lot of room to the next all time high 😁😎 so remember make good trades take a mere 20 usd from profit and buy a alt coin with a use case. You will not regret it. Hodl that small amount
Crypto will explode! Massive gaming and dapp opportunity! I am ceasing all trading until 6200 btc usd level And investing 20usd here and there.
I will announce the coin ahead of buying it.
Next coin to invest Kin.
From now on I will be I will be going over dapps
Remember so I’ve lost 100 in dapps trials and fails
That’s why important to be careful
I’m watching tronbet and tron888
Keep who ever you are posted

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Crypto topics
Crypto topics

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