Most Aesthetically Pleasing DEX - Matcha

Most Aesthetically Pleasing DEX - Matcha

By eHyun | crypto_shitpost | 7 Jul 2020




Matcha is a simple decentralized crypto exchange that pulls liquidity from various liquidity pools and fetch the best price for users. You trade your asset directly from your wallet. No registration is required. You get the most competitive pricing by comparing multiple DEXs like 0x, Uniswap, Oasis, Kyber, Curve.

Macha is designed by 0x team. They believed that there's market demand for simple, aesthetically pleasing, solution that elevates the user experience of token trading.


Without further ado, Let's dive into it. right away!




Just go to


7055510cffec47484f37d67d3ed134ea4f4e2428de5e8edd0b3c7696b1f6b844.pngThen, connect you wallet with supported options like metamask, walletconnect, coinbase wallet.



I will use Argent wallet via walletconnect.



Once you connect your wallet, you can search desired pair of crypto like ETH/DAI

I will use COMP/DAI pair. I want to get rip of some COMP anyways.



If you search just one crypto, you will be prompted with list of crypto that are available to trade in Matcha. 



You can trade any pair of tokens available in Matcha like COMP to DAI and vice versa. 

Simply enter the desired amount of token to trade. and click "Review Order"



Finalize your trade in your wallet by pressing approve button. That's it. 

Entire process of token swap took me like 2 minutes. Matcha is the most intuitive and simple-to-use decentralize exchange I've ever used. 


Happy Trading!







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