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Today, there are many different cryptocurrency exchanges. They all differ from each other in terms of functionality and technical characteristics, but most of them combine the complexity of the interface and lack of ergonomics. That is why the Mainfinex team decided to create and launch an exchange that positions itself as a simple and understandable exchange that will be convenient for everyone to use. The exchange also has a user-friendly interface and a large set of functions based on the best modern practices.

For greater convenience, the exchange team decided to get away from the complex terminology that was invented by bankers and ultimately led to a mortgage crisis. We selected the most popular financial instruments that they provide and are designed in such a way that everyone can understand them and activate them in one click. For this, their names were even changed to more simple and understandable in accordance with the general concept of the exchange. Professional traders in the team who know the mechanisms that ordinary traders need to turn trade into their profession. Traders of all skill levels will get an intuitive method of trading cryptocurrencies while taking advantage of the most recent data on each pair.

Some features of the exchange include:

✅ Token burning. The exchange will quarterly spend __% of its consolidated gross income to buy and burn tokens. This will continue until 90% of tokens (8,100,000) are bought out and burned and 900,000 tokens are left.
✅ “Work for us”. Traders without substantial deposits but with free working hours can make money by performing important tasks for the exchange, like in Amazon Mechanical Turk.
✅ "Forecast”. This button activates an analytical indicator used by most profitable traders.
✅ “Passive income”. Activates a trading robot that will close transactions for you based on algorithms. Trading robots will be provided by successful third party funds.
✅ Purchasing liquidity from “mini exchanges”. A partner exchange that will provide liquidity for trading in our exchange or display our depth of market diagram on its website will receive all the relevant fees collected in our tokens.
✅ For the B2B segment, Mainfinex will provide API with direct access to trading and an opportunity to receive and send trade orders with minimum or no delay. API for: Funds, Intraday trading companies, Trust funds, Prop trading companies.

Regarding the exchange interface, we can say that the charts come from Trading View, offering traders a familiar appearance with dozens of indicators, drawing tools, and other useful features to help guide decisions. The charts are fully customizable, from style to intervals to colors, and can be expanded to full screen. Charts include: 11 interval choices; 6 main types of charts; 81 indicators; customizable chart properties, including styles, scale, and colors; redo, undo, snapshots, clear, and save; hundreds of the most popular drawing tools.

At the time of its launch, Mainfinex offered 15 different cryptocurrency pairs, all of which included Tether (USDT), these are: BTC, ETH, OMG, ZIL, REP, GNT, XIN, BAT, SNT, WTC, LRC, IOST, MITH, ELF, HOT. But in the future, the number of coins available for trading will increase.

🌟 Key benefits:

✅ The exchange was created by a team of successful traders who understand what mechanisms are necessary for ordinary traders to turn trade into their profession.
✅ For the B2B segment, will provide API with direct access to trading and an opportunity to receive and send trade orders with minimum or no delay.
✅ Unlike most exchanges, Mainfinex has a simple and intuitive interface for beginners and experienced traders.
✅ The exchange contains only the most necessary indicators, charts and tools and there is nothing superfluous.

🌟 Value:

✅ The exchange gives traders liquidity and investors profitability.
✅ Access of people without experience and knowledge to crypto trading and assistance to them in training.
✅ Creating conditions for crypto traders for convenient and easy trading.
✅ Creation of working conditions for the B2B segment.


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Token Information:

Symbol: XVX
Token type: ERC20
Total supply: 200,000,000 XVX
Launch MAINFINEX: 1 Nov 2019

Author: Dmitriy Fomin
Email: [email protected]
❕Always do your own research and due diligence when considering your participation in any blockchain project.

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