Gigajoule Floating Solutions is an electricity generation company

By Avondale | crypto_reviews | 28 Sep 2019

Electricity is an important industry in the economy of any country. But even now, according to various organizations, more than 2 billion people around the world do not have available electricity. Statistics show that the number of such people is growing even in countries where there is access to a large number of gas fields. Gigajoule Floating Solutions offers a solution to this problem through the construction, installation and maintenance of floating gas power plants.

The efficiency and high quality of such plants increases the use of innovative IoT and Blockchain technologies, uses the Siemens Trent turbine as its primary power unit. At its core is the same Rolls-Royce engine that is found on the Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 aircraft, providing enhanced reliability for long-range flights and maximum passenger capacity. The use of floating plants has several advantages over land plants and surpasses them in efficiency, assembly speed, reliability and cost.

Most developing countries rely on costly and inefficient electricity substitution systems that have a negative impact on the environment and country budgets.

Gigajoule is ready to implement three projects with a capacity of 528 MW each, close to gas fields in southern Nigeria. Work has already been done on licensing, environmental coordination, design, and successful negotiations have been held with the federal government to conclude an agreement on the purchase of electricity.

Project funding is achieved by utilizing the following credit enhancements:
• World Bank Partial Risk Guarantee
• Siemens full Operating, Maintenance and Performance Warranty
• Lloyds of London Insurance
This amounts to over 1500MW installed capacity at a project cost of US$1.4bn (net) which is externally financed.

• According to our estimates in Nigeria alone there is immediate demand for another 10 000MW
• And in the rest of Africa - immediate demand is 20 000MW
• And globally, excluding Africa, demand is estimated at another 30 000MW

• Desalination plants for fresh water supply
• Mini-refineries to produce diesel and petroleum products from traditionally uneconomic oil fields

Investor value: GIGJ token holders shall have a right to earn 15% of the annual profits generated by all Gigajoule projects, according to the percentage of tokens they hold.

🌟 Features:

✅ Mobility - easily transported by sea and river to locations in need of electrical power.
✅ Eco-friendly technology - natural gas is the cleanest carbon based fuel.
✅ Longevity - 20 year performance guarantee with over 95% availability provided by Siemens.
✅ Reliability - aircraft engine technology, developed under highest  standards for reliability and efficiency.
✅ Sustainability - powered by resource abundant natural gas or Liquid Natural Gas if needed.
✅ Efficiency - can be supplied in both open or closed cycle to maximize operating efficiency.
✅ GIGJ tokens will be security tokens, not utility tokens.

🌟 Advantages:

✅ Application of innovative IoT and Blockchain technologies in the electricity generation and supply industry in developing countries.
✅ GIGJ token holders shall have a right to earn 15% of the annual profits generated by all Gigajoule projects.
✅ Improving the efficiency of the electricity generation and supply sector.
✅ A real, existing business for the production of electricity.



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Token Information:

Symbol: GIGJ
Token type: ERC20
Total supply: 65,625,000 GIGJ
Launch IEO: 1 Nov 2019
Current Price: 1 GIGJ = 1 USD

Author: Dmitriy Fomin
ETH: 0x519AF31E48b5369eF620CaE9a071c558f3ae27fa
❕Always do your own research and due diligence when considering your participation in any blockchain project.

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