Passive Crypto income. Earn 1% a day. Start for free. NOT a ponzi or wallet scam
Passive Crypto income. Earn 1% a day. Start for free. NOT a ponzi or wallet scam

By unicorngirl | Crypto-related posts | 21 Apr 2020

Yes you really can earn passive crypto income through staking.  Y,es you can start collecting free coins to get you started. This is not one of those fake "wallets" that promise decentralization and unsustainable returns. You don't need to refer anyone to earn. This is a real crypto that you can store on your own wallet that you control (truly decentralized)


How it works is simple. 2x2 coin pays out 365% a year (roughly 1% a day) in staking rewards. All you need to do is acquire coins and host your own wallet, or stake your coins in staking pools.


Here's how to get started for free

1. Join Coinstake. Once you log in, click on the faucet tab and claim your free 2x2 coin in the dropdown menu. You can do this once an hour.  you will automatically start earning staking rewards in the staking pool

2. Join Btc pop . Choose 2x2 coin to claim from the faucet. You can claim here every half hour. Your coins will be credited once a day around midnight NY time. They also have a staking pool that you will earn from automatically as well.




Disclaimer. Any links contained here  are affiliate links. I may earn from your activity even on the free websites. This is not financial advice. If you choose to take any action you do so at your own risk

Crypto-related posts
Crypto-related posts

This is where I will be writing on various Crypto coins and startegies.

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