Sex and Crypto Series, Part 3: Stormy Daniels' BAT Fetish (pun intended), Playboy's NFT and $PORN

By cryptoph | Crypto Reflections | 24 Apr 2021

Good Day Friends,

It's been a long while since I followed up this series of mine on Sex and Crypto. If you haven't read the Part 1 and 2 , here's your chance!

Because this topic is really well liked and appreciated in Hive platform where I want to improve my blogger standing, that is why I decided to stay late at night to research materials for this next blog.

You don't believe me? Well, let's just check the statistics of my blog on sex and crypto in and compare its income and likes with other blogging platforms.

From this data, I can only guess that there are different sets of readers for these 3 crypto-oriented blogging platforms. Based on my personal experience, caters diverse readers and bloggers. You can absolutely write anything in this platform and still get decent tip as long as you follow the Do's and Don'ts of the @TheRandomRewarder .

The audience of and, on the other hand, appears to be more open-minded with this kind of topic because the blog got high tips and likes from readers of these two platforms. Well, it could also be the case that these two are dominated by the male species which does not require a lot of explaining! Haha.

So, let's go back to what I have unearthed during my nocturnal explorations over the internet while everyone at home is safely asleep.

I will start with the most attention catching, steamiest and juiciest of all blog item for this issue....about Stormy Daniels!

1. Stormy Daniels has fetish on BAT and ChainLink
The video of Stormy Daniels has fetish splashed all over her face. Listen how she seductively says her script as if she were in a POV clip.
Stormy Daniels in bed

BAT Brigade uuhh
Oh God, Oh wow!
Brave is now DEFI?!
It's the next ChainLink, I just love the browser already!
But damn, if BAT can now be farmed and staked?
It's just straight road to the sweet, juicy moon!
Basic Attention Token got my attention.

Seriously, if the word "fetish" does not arouse your curiosity, I don't know what will.

Ahh, this explains why BAT is pumping! Hahaha, now she got your attention. Cheers!

A big shoutout for @redditinvestors of Twitter for finding this gem. Original twitter post can be found here:

If you are not familiar who Stormy Daniels is, a simple search with PRESEARCH will give you hundreds of answers and a few PRE Token rewards. If you don't have this search engine yet, here's a link:
Replace your Google search engine with PRESEARCH now.

Please do the search ONLY if you are of legal age!

2. Playboy joins Non-Fungible Token Craze
There's so much fun in Non-FUNgible Token that Playboy Magazine is throwing its hat into this latest craze. In the midst of declining sale of printed magazine and to attach its name to the latest media trend, Playboy is partnering with Nifty Gateway, a platform for the sale and purchase of NFTs.

Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) are unique and scarce digital assets create in a blockchain using smart contracts. Unlike crypto currencies which are fungible, meaning interchangeable, for example Ethereum could be interchange with Basic Attention Token, NFTs cannot be swapped with another thing, for example a basketball ticket cannot be exchanged with football ticket.

Playboy brings into the NFT space 5,000 pieces of priceless and unique photographs, arts, and historical collections accumulated during its 68 years of existence.
Marilyn Monroe Playboy Frontpage with Hugh Hefner signature.

This repacking of the Playboy brand using blockchain technology gained interest and excitement among investors and pushed the stock to gain over 80% this April.

3. My accidental discovery of $PORN token
I was exploring my Hive account one day with the purpose of improving my user engagement in the platform when I stumbled upon this $Porn Token.

I found this token together with other 10 tokens hidden in the rewards section of my Hive account waiting to be claimed.

Because I was a noob and didn't pay attention to Hive, I kept these token sitting, doing nothing for 2 months. My reflexes immediately made me press the "claim" reward button and one by one, I studied these 11 tokens.
Porn Token

I am glad that Hive keeps a documentation of what these tokens are all about and they even gladly give direction the website where this token can be earned. I swear, I never visited that site ( How did I got these tokens in the first place?

It dawned on me that I might have gotten the $Porn token as tip for writing about Sex and Crypto. I also discovered that I can stake this 111 $Porn Token. I am unsure yet if staking will generate rewards for me, as I said I am still learning about this hive ecosystem which is enormous.


If you are minor, stay away from these adult oriented websites. My blog should not be interpreted as endorsement to these sites. I am just writing about them for readers who are mature enough to make their own decisions.

I have no connection with the companies featured in this blog. I write crypto related stuff to spread awareness to other readers and users about various platforms using crypto currency and blockchain technology.

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