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1. Always study first before start

Yes, and it is too hard to do the quiz without knowing what would be the quiz. You have to cover the subject but you have to know what are the topics for the quiz. 

You can read first or you can watch videos, You can watch here for example. (About TokenTuber)

2. Treat this quiz as fun and challenges.

You are always up to challenges and this would be fun! Sometimes you have to squeeze your brain and don't put too much pressure on yourself. Because sometimes not all quiz are 100% truth sometimes lies.

3. Memorize and Summarize, using keywords.

If you memorize some keywords on the quiz before you start that's a bonus. You can do rewrite the main idea in your own words and can reduce it so you're left with a short sentence. Like, choose the main idea of the sentence or maybe the climax.  You can google it example.


4. Test yourself

You can test yourself by reading and recite aloud ex. what is blockchain or how blockchain works. Being able to explain something in your own words is the only way to be sure that you really understand it. After you watched the videos, you can put a comment and based own your opinion about the blockchain videos. "Leave a Reply"


5. Do a group study or Study with a friend.

Teaming up with your colleagues, family, friends, or fellow students online or live can help you a lot.  Both of you can try to teach one another. Both of you have benefits you could also try to quiz each and every one. Do brainstorming with your friends about blockchain or Bitcoin this topic is good to start your debates.



Thank you for reading now you could take our cryptoquiz.

This is basic Crypto quiz that can share your results and earn the tuber token up to $10,000

Take note these events will ends October 30th.

Signup here: (TOKENTUBER QUIZ)








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