Did you know about the First Payment Gateway To Use Gold-backed on blockchain space?

By Crypto Beeporter! | CRYPTO PROJECT | 6 Nov 2019

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Get ready for the most exciting marketing plan this coming year-end!

Introducing the first gold back project on the blockchain space! 

This is Puregold.io PGPay official the First Payment Gateway To Use Gold-Backed.

Puregold will launch its first 3 months of private sales! The first IEO will release on Vindax.com soon!


Because of their partnership, with other companies and exchanges, we will hold back for a while to bring more innovations and blockchain adoptions!

The announcement on the GOLD atm Sales will end this coming December 2019 and all the token holders including this 3 months private sales and the new holders will incentivize from gold atm sales.


Just stay tuned for more announcements and Avail our big package to have a good reward in PGG! and for those token holders will get the reward this coming Jan. 2020.



We will expand our businesses not just in the Asia Pacific but we will try to reach globally! We're now offering our PGpay tokens to all friends, families, partners who are interested to support our projects in GOLD ATM and Payment Gateway System (PGpay), using physical gold to transact a payment for your daily needs!


Please grab the package 4 to have 50,000 PGpay + 10% more tokens! On top of this, you will also receive an additional 10g (999.9) physical gold bar from us.



Grab this opportunity and click on the link to purchase:

Another thing for those investors!

- Users can buy gold at 2% above spot price
- Users can sell gold at 0.5% below spot price
-Users can use Gold as a form of payment at various merchants through Pgpay App
-User’s Gold are stored in a Trusted 3rd Party called Loomis International in Singapore

So hurry 1st 100 login and sign up and get your 0.1g gold free.

For English:



For Chinese:


You can watch here for more information and demo on how to use Puregold.


Please visit us for more info:






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