Broke To Finance Your Crypto Exploits ?: Part 2


In the last article we discussed on the problem of lacking available funds to participate in certain crypto endeavors that could have been beneficial to us if only we had the money at that point in time.


There are several platforms to make micro earnings from and you can channel them into financing your crypto exploits like buying tokens, paying gas fees, minting Nfts, staking, or investing in a launchpad, etc

This is for some of us that lack the funds regularly and have encountered that lag when we want to do certain things in crypto space.

Yes, earnings are micro but put together overtime they can enable you purchase the next token that will moon someday doubling/tripling your profit, it also could bail you out from not missing a listing or airdrop that requires fees

There are 4 online micro income routes you can earn from that are popular and widely engaged in;

1) Online Surveys: We know that it's all about answering questions regarding a certain subject.
Taking online surveys is the quickest way to earn online but most times it's difficult to find, you may get disqualified or you could fall for their trap questions. They can be scarce for some people living in certain countries but a lot of people from favoured countries make mad bank.

Don't be discouraged rather hunt for surveys, they can be found in various platforms and apps.
Some platforms are survey based while some others host it partly on their websites.

There are platforms that pay you $100-$300 for answering surveys. But these are mainly exclusive for those in the US or Uk. (unless you can connect with someone over there, there are requirements though, I know a guy)
I call these the Macro survey based platforms because they pay well just for some hours of your time


You should focus on micro surveys that you can earn at least $0.1-$4 which is generally available for all countries. Such little earning for us in the crypto space is a very big deal.

Surveys require less time to take in most cases but the aim is to pile up your earnings answering surveys across various sites so that when you reach the minimum threshold you can then withdraw them & fund your crypto wallet or exchange account.

This information is to help you source other means to finance your crypto portfolio other than from your bank account, so that you will have funds online that are readily available for your crypto needs.

Survey based platforms include: Surveytime, Ysense, Pollpay, Mobiworkx, Swagbucks, Surveyeah, Inboxdollar, etc

Survey Hosting platforms;
Timebucks, Sproutgigs, Hiretalents, Grabpoints, Gaintsplay, GCloot, etc

Minimum Withdrawal for some can be from $1-$5, while for others it can be $10-$20. 

Payments are via transfer, giftcards & cryptocurrencies.





To be Continued...

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