NFT Project - You should know about!

NFT Project - You should know about!

By Crypto_Autobach | Crypto_News | 24 Oct 2020

Hi Guys, I am back again for a new Post :D.
I want to introduce Rarible to you, if you did not know it for now.
Rarible is a Site you can Buy, Sell and Create NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens, but I think you know this name).

If you use the site, to buy, sell and create NFTs you will actually recieve free RARI Tokens on a weekly Basis.
1 RARI is 2,6$ right now.
On the Platform RARI is used to buy, sell, create NFTs and is also the Governance Token of Rarible, so you can Vote with them on Proposals.

You can use MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet and every WEb3 Wallet to Connect with Rarible.
Check out their website now:
This Project is used by a lot of knowen YouTubers like Ivan on Tech, Chico Crytpo and a lot more, so this is still undervalued in my Opinion and also a very good to use Website If you want to get, create or sell your NFTs with low fee and a easy to start creating process.


My NFT: 
-> I also created one Asset right now :D, if you want go and check it out. I would be happy if you leave a buy :)






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