Tether (USDT) launching on bitcoin cash network
Tether (USDT) launching on bitcoin cash network

World's biggest stable coin ( terms of daily volume) tether launched on bitcoin cash's network.

Tether (USDT) is pegged by U.S dollar and represent the value of 1 fiat dollar.

Recently Interest rate for tether raised dramatically due to bitcoins recent crash in the market due to economic collapse all over the world.

Tethers marketcap raised to $5.7 billion due to market and high lending request on defi market's.

Tether the company behind stable coin USDT announced its plan to launch bitcoin cash version USDT on bitcoin cash network

Currently USDT in available on Eos, eth, bitcoin omni layer, tron, algorand and planning to release usdt on bitcoin cash network.

Bitcoin cash network has its own generic token called simple ledger protocol which is bitcoin cash version of erc -20 of ethereum.

This will allow USDT to make a bitcoin cash version of Tether on the cash network.


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