Something strange happening on the litecoin network

Something strange happening on the litecoin network

Litecoin is one of the largest cryptocurrency currently trading ranked 5th in terms on daily trade volume according to coinmarketcap

Recently litecoin community noticed weired activities on the litecoin network. Same as the August 10th incident

This activity first caught notice of litecoins product manager Franklyn Richards. He described it as dusting attack

This was not the first time litecoin got attacked by a dusting attack. Litecoin witnessed same attack on August 10.

According to litecoin product manager Huge amount of small payments were sent to the litecoin network and soneone was moving funds smaller than (0.000001 ) usd in value from one wallet to another.

Someone or somebody is trying to attack the network and trying to steal funds by sending micro payments to the network

Usally Litecoin network can see 40,000 active address everyday but now the number raised to 70,000 before the attack

A dusting attack occurs when hackers send tiny fraction of payments to llarge group of address.

This can slow down the blockchain and cam help hackers to steal funds from the network.

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